7 Seals, 7 Trumpets & &(************************************************************************************************* )(**************************** )(*************************** )(********************************************* )(******************************************************************************************************** )(************************************************************************************* )(******************************************************************************************************** )(***************************************** )(************************************************************************************************************ )(************************************************************************************************************* )Minutes!

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http://revelationscriptures.com/the-book-of- revelation-picture-gallery/.

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Revelation 1:3.
“Blessed is the one that CHECKS OUT OUT LOUD words of this prediction,.
& honored are those that LISTEN TO & that MAINTAIN what is composed in it,.
for the time is near.”.

What is the”Foodin due period” for the 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets & 7 Bowls?
Where will YOUR “Foodin Due Season” originated from?
Will you pay attention to Man? … the Pastor? … the Bishop? … your pals?
We motivate you to LISTEN TO GOD by ways of HIS WORDS & His Words ONLY & prevent male’s reasoning & analysis like the PLAGUE!

Jesus asked at Matt 24: 45-47
“Who after that is a loyal & sensible slave,.
whom his master made leader over his house,.
to provide FOOD IN FEE PERIOD?
HONORED is that slave whom his master,.
WHEN HE COMES, will certainly him DOING SO.
Assuredly, I claim to you that he will certainly make him RULER OVER ALL HIS PRODUCTS.”.

What is the “Foodin due period” for the period of the the 7 Seals, Trumpets & Bowls?
What is the “Foodin due period” for the “GreatTribulation?” …
the “Beginningof Birth Pains?” …TheBeast, Image & Mark?
HowCome Mainstream Christianity is NOT asking the inquiry & READYING God’s Sheep for these coming occasions?

Yahweh gives Direction at 2 peter 1: 19-20
“19And we have the PROPHETIC WORD much more COMPLETELY VALIDATED,.
to which you will certainly SUCCEED to FOCUS regarding a LIGHT beaming in a dark location,.
… 1st OF ALL …

Revelation10: 7 Provides comparable Direction:.
” however that in the DAYS of the TRUMPET telephone call.
to be seemed by the 7TH ANGEL,.
the SECRET OF GOD would certainly be SATISFIED,.

In these 2 Scriptures,.
Yahweh’s Words straight those that have eyes to see.
to the “PYTHONIC WORD” & “the PROPHETS.”.

When we most likely to HIS PROPHETS, God offers all of us the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ofRevelation
InHis WORDS, HE INFORMS us the Who, What, When, Where,Why
& gives what HE TAKES INTO CONSIDERATION the “food in due period” for each and every Seal, Trumpet &Bowl
OUR DIRECTIONS, SUPPORT & INSTRUCTIONS or “Foodin due period” has actually been had in HIS WORDS the whole time…WeMust Allow “Interpretations to Belong to God.” Genesis 40:8.
WeMust Allow the “Foodin Due Season” to find From HIS WORDS, theProphets
Otherwise you undergo Man & his analysis & his food.
Unfortunately, Yahweh informs us that “LOTS OF will certainly drop away from the confidence.” May you not be Deceived!
EvenBetter, May you be discovered providing “Foodin Due Season”.
throughout the 7 Seals, Trumpets & Bowls!”.
Jesus claims, “.
“Blessed is that slave whom his master, when he comes, will certainly discover so doing.
Assuredly, I claim to you that he will certainly make him leader over all his items.”.

Join us at:.
RevelationScriptures com.
Where “ANALYSES TO COME FROM GOD” & where “FOOD IN FEE PERIOD” ALL originated from the Biblical PROPHETS!
(Matthew24: 45-47, first Peter 1: 19-20, Genesis 40:8, Rev 10: 7).

Give us a phone call if you wish to speak, share, Skype or Google hangout 504 723-2802
MAY YOU (we) “CONQUER” “OVERCOME” & “MAINTAIN” words of Revelation! May God load you with HIS WORDS, SPIRIT & OBEDIENCE!

Revelation 1:3.
” BLESSED is the one that CHECKS OUT OUT LOUD words of this prediction, as well as BLESSED are those that LISTEN TO as well as that MAINTAIN what is composed in it, for the time is near.”.

https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Christop …


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Comment (38)

  1. Well done!
    We must all stand together and persevere until the end. Be strong, cling to almighty God and do not fear for HE will raise a standard against all who try to dismantle HIS truth.

  2. does anyone know that NASA built a damn on the Euphrates sometime in the 70's..  Our NASA  USA built a damn on the river Euphrates..  gee.. could it be they're planning to dry it up and control the region???  hmmm

  3. lots of ppl know this, but the reason the length of time is given n yrs, months, & days is GOD didn't want ppl to b confused n any way about the time & length of the trib & great trib. BUT more than the obvious fact we leave right b for the great trib starts is 2 of the judgments run concurrent. 7 &7/7.

  4. ppl if u don't like knowing all your presents ahead of time stop readinghgghgjhjhjhhhhjhhjhhhjhjkkjbkjkjkjjkkjjkjkjkkjjjkbkjjkjkjk
    I know what a "short time is". 1st I stayed up late 2finish reading the prt about the millennial kingdom n Halley's. When I laid down it was 144am. I never would read it because I figured I need something to look forward to.Now I woke up at 4:16am w/the short time worked out(some1 just yelled outside).By 4:18 I was n here & a car had just flew by doing 30ish mph n a parking lot w/speed bumps.NO 1 ever gets really cheated(see prev F*ck*7times comment from movie). Not even the devil, playing opposite JESUS. JESUS got 40 more days so guess who does too,+ the 12 days he lost that GOD took from him 3/09/2019' B4 CHRIST return on Purim = 52days(a short time). 
    416 El Bethel"the GOD of Bethel" an altar of Jacob.
    418 impossible, perhaps inevitable
    52 ignorance(4x)want of knowledge esp of divine things, whom seeing you pretend not to  see Acts 3:17(moral),17:30(repent), 1Peter 1:14such as inexcusable,(lust), Ephe 4:18(blindness of the heart),+ Wisdom of Solomon 14:22.

  5. But you were an unbeliever. No more I hope.
    I remember you !     I remember you saying how you didn't believe parts of the bible because they make God into something cruel.     But God is perfect.  Every word of God is pure purified seven times.
    Prayers.May we all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.  Peace.

  6. Thank you for this video. But there is one thing I've noticed. Many of the immages were taken from several Jehovah's witness books, am I right? I'm only mentioning this because I am a former Jehovah's witness and I am very familiar with their teachings. All the images I recognized from the books that I kept becuase it helped e understand what they believe and what they teach vs what the teachings of Jesus were about.

  7. i preciate the info but i have a personal relationship with Christ, so it's nobody elses business. also it would be foolish to follow others advice when they have to face the White Throne Judgement on their Own as well, I'll study for that Exam on My Own.

  8. I searched the scriptures for evidence that would tell us when we get judged. What I found out was a little surprising. For example the Gentile Dead to not have the same "Court Date" as the "12 Tribes of Israel dead". I hope you will click on my timeline that I have uploaded to the folks at "keep and share" for safe easy viewing. At the bottom of my timeline I give all of the court dates for Jew and Gentile over the next 1,000 years.

  9. The 1st seal, 1st bowl, 1st trump and 2nd seal, 2nd bowl, 2nd trumpet so on and so the great tribulation is only 3 1/2 years told to us in months, weeks, days the real key to understangs the Book of Revelation to not to add to it and not to take away from that Book .

  10. They all come in corresponding order 1st seal, 1st bowl, 1st trumpet so on so forth just look at them and the 7th of each is the last thing to happen and is very simple !


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