10 Facts About the 144,000in Revelation

The publication of Revelation speaks about an unique end-time team called the 144,000 They originate from the twelve people of Israel, they obtain the seal of God, they sing a tune just they can discover, they are virgins, as well as they live in total abandonment to JesusChrist Who are the 144,000? Watch this video clip to figure out!

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Comment (21)

  1. Please understand, the 144,000 are a LITERAL group of people , they are clearly separated because next he says he saw another group of people "Rev 7:9 AFTER these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could number, of all nation's, tribes, and people's"

    So clearly there are TWO groups of people here. Which ALSO MUST mean the group of the 144,000 are the LITERAL children of Israel…… And who could that be? Well ask yourself what group of people are acknowledging 400 years of oppression as did the Israelites in Egypt, as of August 21, 2019? The curse from the Lord in Deuteronomy 28 is ending… The time is NOW. The 144,000 are the remaining descendants of Israel that are following and acknowledge the Lords 10 commandments as Moses gave from the Lord to put "between the frontlets of your eyes" when originally being taken out of opression on Mt Sinai, and meditate on them day and night, giving us the seal of God. A mystery from the Lord explained….May God bless you all please repent and repent now. For the Lord of Hosts is returning to redeem all of His.

  2. I believe in the Holy Bible not Ellan G. White which is the founder of your church the seventh day of Advan I understand your church believe Elllen G. White first and then the Bible. I'm educating myself on the history of the 7day Attman's

  3. I had a angel appear.jan 2019.I could not believe how big he was.im 6 feet.i did not reach his waist.Blond.Arch nose.orangy pink environment.was like a airport.but no planes.bad spirit attacks ended after this.

  4. Not all of us our the 144,000. Some are called to escort them to Jerusalem safely. We probably won’t make it to enter Jerusalem, much like Moses never got to enter the promised land, but we will be with the Lord for eternity once all is said and done.

  5. The number 144,000 adds up to the numerical equivalent of nine. The strength of this number is that it represent the completion of a cycle and the preparation for the new Journey that ahead. This number is the actual count of the number of souls who will align themselves to the Christ energy in the seventh dimensional frequency. The souls accupying those stations represent the twelve tribes which were the descendants of the second root race that inhabited the Earth. They are the original caretakers of the Mother and are once again directed by inner vision and wisdom to accpy the roles of the Prince and the pauper.


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