God Says There are 7 Events Coming

What’s Next for Planet Earth: This week I was analyzing simply just how much God has actually left for us to understand about the future.I keep in my hand the ONE Book that God composed– theBible This one publication, comprised of 66 publications has a total amount of 31,103 knowledgeables. Of all the knowledgeables in […]

Israel: The Prophetic Center of the World

Pastor Carl Gallups lends distinctive experience to the correlations between historical prophecy and trendy headlines in Ground Zero: Jerusalem. In this episode, Pastor Carl dives into the significance of the nation of Israel in the finish instances, in addition to different geo-political matters which have prophetic significance in our world at present. Prophecy is foretold […]

The Three Booms Of Prophecy

Pastor Carl Gallups offers one-of-a-kind competence to the relationships in between old prophecy as well as contemporary headings in Ground Zero:Jerusalem Prophecy is predicted in the Bible– as well as satisfied in today’s information. But America is not discussed in the Bible, so can there be any kind of real links in between contemporary America, […]

What Is the Great Tribulation?

Presenter: Wallace G.Smith Teaser: Jesus Christ will certainly return! The Bible is definitely clear on this marvelous truth! But there are several occasions forecasted to happen prior to that return. And the one that is maybe most hypothesized around is a time period called “TheGreat Tribulation.” Christ informs us that this will certainly be frightening […]