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The 7 Churches of Revelation

The book of Revelation is an important book to grasp and understand. This is a new series that will cover the book of Revelation and help prepare you in understanding of the end times. This part will cover Revelation Chapters 1 -3 where Yahshua has messages for the 7 churches in Asia Minor. Find out how these messages apply to you!


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  1. these are Kingdom churches not Christian churches. each Kingdom church has works still to perform. (including to overcome) the Christians are saved by faith from the moment they accept Jesus. tribulation is for the jews to return to God. the book of Revelation is for the jews. the body of Christ is raptured before the tribulation.

  2. Good day brother
    Have you done a lesson on Satan's hierarchy? (Powers, Thrones, Dominions, Spiritual Princes etc?)
    I would appreciate your perspective on such matters.
    i.e Are strongholds spiritual places or enemy forces? And, are ruling spirits engaged over geographical regions or within the hearts of men?
    All the best to you.

  3. The Lord just showed this about me like yesterday! Love is patient and I wasn’t being patient with others or For God to move in his will. I don’t decide when God’s will is done only He! I’m working on love ! Thank you God!

  4. Sorry brother. You need to study the CODED book & find the TRUE meaning of alot of the words that you have spoken. One can't teach on this book if they are going to stay on the CARNAL side of it. Jezebel does NOT exactly mean as you say. It's those whom bring pagan practices & worship into spirituality. Voice of many waters for example means multitudes of people. Lampstands means church's. Stars & clouds means angels. Sword means God's word. If you break the code of the book, then your teaching on it will be more effective. The WHOLE book is about the power, love & glory of YESHUA. The title says it all " The revelation ( which means to uncover or to reveal) of Yeshua the Christ". IT IS NOT A LITERAL BOOK BUT A CODED ONE. After you read it, then you go read Daniel. They coincide with one another. Loved your History of religion series but this one is off.

  5. I was told in my church that The book of Revelation was to hard to read and understand. "You do not need to read it becuse it is not imoprtant." I thank Jesus that He woke me up and started a longing in my soul to understand The Word. Thank You for Your good work Brother. God bless You and Your family and keep You safe.

  6. U r really bless with understanding an I really needed a higher counseling with from the wise sons of mankind my beloved bredren thank u for I have strayed away from the holy spirit just when I was getting there

  7. i am an Ephesian. i thank you so much because this is in fact confirmation of how i've dealt with a relative and Yahshua was convicting my heart today about it so this is indeed confirmation. i thank you so much i crawled this 42 year old body to my wallet to donate. thanks again and pray my love is superior in my weapons against evil.


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