Why Did Satan Rebel in the First Place?

What was the origin of Satan’s disobedience? Did he assume he could be much better than God? How is his kingdom various than God’s kingdom?


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  1. Wait a min! The war in Heaven took place BEFORE Adam was created .
    PRIDE was found within him… he started to CONVINCE himself that he could do a much better job than God was doing. He chose to forget he was a created being and saw himself as GREATER than his CREATOR.
    In other words …he became drunk with POWER!! 👿🔥

  2. He was the Top angel. He was full of PRIDE. He thought he was just as good.?. He did NOT want equality he wanted to rule. No matter how much was given to him for free?. He wanted more. Instead of taking his free stuff and being satisfied of his position?. He decided it wasn't enough..
    .. Does this personality sound familiar in your world today?

  3. Bcuz he want to put his throne above God throne he wasn't satisfied with being over his own set of Angel's but he still didn't couldn't bare that then wen God made Adam he was more jealous of wat God created God love all his creations he didn't just throw satan out satan did a lot before god gave up on him just how he do us he take his time with us even wen we keep doing the opposite God is very humble n merciful he is so different from us we just can't understand him but the holy scriptures explains wat he want n our pass n future that's a wonderful God bcuz he came to this earth his self just to save us gave up his only son for us now mind u y did jesus have to die for all of us wen he never sin think about how merciful God is he gave us his son body for us wen jesus never sin the spirit in jesus was God we really have to stop thinking about wat the devil is up to n doing wen we should be worrying about jesus n his coming bcuz if back the God flooded the earth bcuz of sin I can imagine how he feel now with all the disrespect with man on man woman on woman n now they can legally get married that's not of God that a sin now ppl can kill kids once they born after a few weeks or something thats sick I seen something on YouTube with these Jews from Israel saying we hate jesus yes we killed him he was fake I hope they don't know that is a sin knowingly u won't be forgiven watch wat u saying wen it comes to go n repent bcuz God is coming n the devil is gonna die to with all the ppl that's serving him the book of enoch says the devil n the rest of the 199 angels was scared out there boots wen God didn't speak to know one but enoch so satan n the rest asked enoch can he plead his case to God meaning forgiving them for messing up the earth n killing man how can enoch do they job that God gave them instead they wanted to go against God bcuz of all the hate satan had with us n him wanting to put his throne above God almighty

  4. Those that think they are smarter than God will end up like satan. No being on heaven and earth can say they know God. He is the creator. No one knows HIS plans. Our human mind is a speck of dirt. We're ignorant. Those that are afraid to say the word "Satan" is already been under the demonic attack. Satan is a defeated foe. Satan has silence our earth & people for many years. "The devil does not exist" "The devil is cool" etc. Don't be ignorant anymore. Speak out his name and comfront him. Give him no mercy because he hates God and that means he hates you too. God bless everyone.

  5. It's because Lucifer felt like God praise the human beings more, Lucifer fell like man was beneath him that's when the jealousy started. Then he started telling other Angels that the Angels was better than man, Why would God praise them and then Lucifer got a couple of the angels to agree with him.

  6. Why did satin fall,..well maybe satin had to fall! Lets look at it this way and I'm not saying its correct but it is another way to look at the situation. When God created man he bestowed him with many gifts one of which is and probably the most important and precious gift of all is the gift of choice/free will! We've all heard the questions, why didnt God create us this way or that or why does God allow this or that, well He could have but do you really think you could truly love or appreciate God or accept Him or reject Him without you having a "choice" in the matter? Now choice by itself means absolutely nothing and is worthless without having many things to choose from and that also includes being able to choose God or reject Him and it also has to be realized the risk God took by giving us this gift, so in a way satins fall had to be in order for choice and free will to be the precious gift it was intended to be,..God wants us to love and obey Him because we choose to of our own free will!

  7. Dude like really why should i be a servant god or whoever he is not someone who should control one one who has free will shall never be mind trapped for it we shall if it comes , slay god and destroy our creator because he knew that the moment we were given the power to reason there will be questions about him and we will come to destroy him maybe god also has a fate and his fate is to be destroyed by his creations either that freak is already killed see now jesus was actually gods way to be killed or maybe he only showed us that even god can be slayed he has to be killed for us to reach new heights maybe thats why he sent a slave to show us the future actually he wanted to show us that he has to be killed so jesus was god and his killers meaning us so he made us see the future to help us kill him only

  8. The holy coran tells exactly that.
    The part about Mohamet I don't give a crap but I really think that the Jewish, Christians, Muslims and apocrypha books once reunited tells a great detailed tale of our past.

  9. Mankind is created in God's image. Created as God's family and His own image. Satan was jealous of mankind and hates mankind to this day.

    Mankind's destiny is to be with our Father and to inherit ALL THINGS. The Bible states regarding mankind, "Know ye not that someday you shall judge Angels?".

  10. To be honest, the video sounds at first to be excellent, and the content follows logically from the premise that the adversary, satan, "fell". However, it is an axiom that a false conclusion arises if one begins with a false premise. The false premise is so transparently obvious that it seems absurd no one else has pointed it out— the premise that satan "fell" is COMPLETELY UN-BIBLICAL!!! The words of Christ about the nature of the evil one are CLEAR and UNEQUIVOCAL— he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning! And God declares,
    "I created the waster to destroy."
    Further, the idea that the King of Tyre passages in Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 even refer to satan at all is thoroughly bogus. So many flawed notions about the nature of the adversary have arisen from that ill-conceived interpretatiom of those Scriptures. The passages clearly refer to a MORTAL who exalts himself (similarly to Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel)…

  11. Hold up this is my only question trust me it’s good…why did god make Lucifer if he known that he was gone be bad cause god is all knowing he knows the future..😱😱😱like if you wanna know

  12. typical richboy Lucifer had everything born into power has a nice voice, cool powers the superhero kind. while i have zero no power no cool voice, he got to taste heaven, went to hell and to make it worse even after he fell from grace he is still allowed to retain his powers and tempt us, while we are born on earth struggle through life and if you make the wrong decisions and do not repent go to hell, where the powerless you will get tormented by him and his gang of demons until all of you are destroyed. honestly how much unfair is this situation.


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