The Seven Seals – How Many Have Been Opened?

How close are we to the return of Jesus Christ? Where are we on God’s prophetic timetable? Is there a way for us to know these things? Let’s find out now!

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  1. Can you say a prayer for me. I am a repeat offender of sin, I honestly deep within my heart repent and acknowledge my sin. My transgressions seem to get worst after I repeat. I need a covering of the blood of Jesus and a prayer from you if possible. Thank you and I need to start being honest with myself and learn control. I am 30 years old.

  2. Minister Porter, I was going through the internet and discovered you for the first time. I was over joyed to listen to you with understanding and Joy, I will continue to listen to your word. May God bless you and your family.

  3. Absolutely correct about the rapture not happening before the Great Tribulation. In fact, the rapture happens when Jesus returns at the 7th trumpet. I believe the white horse was not deception but rather the preparation for the end times with advances in technology. Angels had to help mankind to get to the point of satellites, gps, digital cameras, nukes in space, dna tests and facial recognition, and rfid chips. The 5th seal for the U.S. was imminent with the FEMA camps, coffins, bullets, and guillotines, but God delayed it with the election of Donald Trump for the purpose of giving more time for people to get saved.

  4. I thought I'd only watch 5 minutes, but I watched the entire lesson. You're a very good Preacher. Thank you for explaining some of the parts of the Bible which are difficult to understand. I learned much. The world has become a scary violent place and I believe we don't have long before the Lord returns. God bless you and your family.

  5. NONE of the 7 Seals have been opened yet. The first seal is initiated by the roar of the Lion of Judah (thunder that John heard) –the Lord shall roar, the earth shall shake, Joel 3:16. That earthquake also initiates the 7 trumpets (Rev 8:5,6) and 7 thunders (roar of lion, Rev 10:3) Please take a look at center column.

  6. Well I guest that one went by you…what about them pastor's that working miracle by putting their hands on the crippled walk right off their preaching stage wouldnt you say its already started?

  7. No seals have been opened yet.The church is still in (Rev.chap 3).The seals are opened in chapter 6. God told me directly through a vision that Obama is the Islamic antichrist beast. Pope Francis is the false prophet. The rapture is at (Rev.chap.4:1) when John is caught up. The bride out of the church is in heaven in chapter 5 and worshipping God.

  8. This was the first time I'd seen any of your videos. I just wanted to tell you that I like the way you teach. I can see your passion. I hope you continue on with your ministries and may God bless you . Thank you for taking the time.

  9. It says that WE as Christians are to be saved from the wrath to come. Look in Revelation concerning John who wrote this book. "There was an open door and the Spirit said Come up here and I will show you what is to come here after." The Church is gone before the Antichrist or the Tribulation.

  10. Just asking here. Jesus said , not one stone will be left one on top of the other , yet there is still part of the wall still standing. So has that prophecy really been fulfilled ?

  11. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed hearing your views on it. The Revelation 12 Sign occurred on September 23 2017. From my research it was the warning. Seems to start a 9 year count. I am looking for the 7 year covenant to start the 7 year countdown this fall. I see 3 seals opened and the 4th beginning. Will take at least 6 months for us to really feel there impact here in US. Already causing riots in Africa and Europe. The catalyst for this Revelation events are Cycles in our Sun's solar irradiance. These cycles can also be traced through history. These cycles in Eschatology are referred to as Judgement Cycles. This particular cycle though is the 5th Judgement cycle. The end of the Age of the Gentiles. The end of the 3rd Great Age. In 2015 Dr. Valentina Zharkova came out and warned the science community of the challenges that lie ahead. She announced that this Grand Solar Minimum we have entered is going to be a Super Grand Solar Minimum. This cycle was also marked by YHWH on September 23 2017 with the Revelation 12 Sign. The 4th seal is starting from all I have observed. Recent Measles outbreak is just one small event. In Africa there are reports of several diseases starting to spread out. The 6th seal is not far off. Since I believe the Wrath of the Lamb is the first 3 1/2 years. I think the 6th seal is within first part of the first 3 1/2 years. 7 to 19 months away I believe. Praying for the latter. God Bless and Maranatha! Be storing dry goods and non perishable's. Need several years worth if possible.

  12. The seven seals are the stars in the big dipper. The four angles in Enoch are the throne of God. They both follow the same pattern along with the pattern on the moon, which was the pattern used for the tent. This stuff is not relevant in the study of Christianity but in discovering that the Bible is a book on immortality it gives you all the keys to the kingdom that were ancient secrets. John in the first few verses said I have the keys to hell and death and my reward is with me. He knew the hidden secrets of the Bible the book of revelations has them in it but without a on depth study of the Bible you miss this, you also miss that revelations is written like the torah only about essential instead of God every verse is a reference to jesus. The new tree of life, there was a tree of life on either side of the river, the river was the book the beggining was God and his tree of life and the end was jesus and his tree of life.


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