Five Crowns for Believers

As faithful believers in Christ, bible informs us that we are guaranteed incentives or crowns for our greats. In this video clip, I evaluate the five crowns that are granted and also the importance of every one. I wish it motivates you !!

We are residing in the End Times, the indications are almost everywhere, Bible revelation is being satisfied each day. If you decide to be conserved, it will certainly be the most effective choice you have actually ever before made. You can begin with the “Sinner’s Prayer”:.

“Father, I recognize that I have actually damaged your legislations and also my wrongs have actually divided me from you. I am genuinely sorry, and also currently I intend to avert from my previous wicked life towards you. Please forgive me, and also aid me prevent sinning once more. I think that your boy, Jesus Christ passed away for my wrongs, was reanimated from the dead, lives, and also hears my petition. I welcome Jesus to come to be the Lord of my life, to rule and also rule in my heart from this particular day onward. Please send your Holy Spirit to aid me comply with You, and also to do Your will certainly for the remainder of my life. In Jesus’ name I hope, Amen.”.

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GodBless you !!


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  1. i have seen mine in vision. it is unique and there is nothing like it here on earth! It suits me well since it is not pompous but simple yet very beautiful i couldn't have dreamed up a more beautiful one. Glory to God he is my king and i will definitely lay my crown down for Him he deserves it! He can have it! I love you my beloved savior!!

  2. Have you repented yet and have given your life to Jesus Christ? Time is running out, folks! Look around at all of the prophecies being fulfilled each day! Our Lord comes closer and we ALL need to be ready! Which side do you choose, Heaven or hell? It's simple, really, either you want Heaven (Paradise) or hell (use your imagination, it isn't pretty!) It's time to "turn or burn…FOR-EV-ER"!~ Heads UP!

  3. I love the vid but be careful how you are using and interpreting John 3:5. Water baptism has no bearing on salvation at all. That does not mean you don't get baptized, but scripture is clear in the book of acts and Pauls Epsiptes that water Baptism has no bearing on Salvation or receiving the Holy Spirit. Remeber Cornelius and others already received the Holy Spirit before they were ever baptized.

    You are born of water when you are born into the flesh. Your body is 2/3rds water and you are born into a sack of water. When you are about to be born, your mothers water breaks. That is a water birth. There is not "birthing" involved in a water baptism for us today. We are born of the Spirit when we believe and receive the Holy Spirit, which is a spiritual baptism.

    Johns water baptism was for the remission of sins, today our sins a remitted by the blood of Christ, not water.

    God bless and thank you for the wonderful video.

  4. Video is off. I won't tell you why but will leave scriptures. You have to understand Jesus wasn't a edomite. This is not about color. Many antichrist in the world. So Jesus, Yahawashi, Son of Man, how ever you say his name was a man with dark brown skin. Revelations 1: 13-15. The bible says you are to worship in spirit and truth. So you won't be tricked into serving the anti-christ. More crowns then 5. Words of wisdom 4:1-4 is one missing for sure.


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