Antichrist: Why is He Called the Lawless One? Bible Buzz #three

In this Buzz we think about why Paul calls the Antichrist the Lawless One. He is generally known as the son of perdition, the Beast…however why the Lawless one? Whose legislation is he lawless to?


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  1. Because he will not follow the God of his fathers (the God of the Bible) and will reinstitute temple sacrifice ignoring what Christ did on the cross. The Antichrist will be a Jew, and Israel is getting ready for the odds to be stacked against them so that he can come out and have his wars with the northern and southern kingdoms. In the aftermath, the lost will say "who can make war with him". He wont be a Muslim because none of it fits scripture (I am sure there will be a false Muslim Antichrist). He will be a Jew and he will try to fulfill Messianic prophecy. Both in the Old Testament and the Talmud.

  2. Good video Doug, now go get a haircut and a shave..You are starting to look like a

    I want to propose something Doug. There is talk about the Pope being the false prophet but after studying more I am thinking that he will be the anti christ and the false prophet will be some charismatic person who deludes people to worship the Pope…Your thoughts?

  3. The Jerusalem Decree
    22 Then it pleased the apostles and elders, with the whole church, to send chosen men of their own company to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas, namely, Judas who was also named Barsabas, and Silas, leading men among the brethren.
    23 They wrote this, letter by them: The apostles, the elders, and the brethren, To the brethren who are of the Gentiles in Antioch, Syria, and Cilicia: Greetings.
    24 Since we have heard that some who went out from us have troubled you with words, unsettling your souls, saying, "You must be circumcised and keep the law" — to whom we gave no such commandment —
    25 it seemed good to us, being assembled with one accord, to send chosen men to you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul,
    26 men who have risked their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    27 We have therefore sent Judas and Silas, who will also report the same things by word of mouth.
    28 For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things:
    29 that you abstain from things offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you keep yourselves from these, you will do well. Farewell.

    quite clear

  4. cain is the one!! seal is open

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  5. why is Obama called the lawless one? first that he committed fraud on hundreds of occasions like his birth certificate. that he took the oath on a bible claiming he was a christian while wearing the ring of the devil. that he stole the wealth of the nation and gave it to islam, that he made faggot marraige legal, that he imported terrorists into this country and gave them towns such as Islamville new york, that he lies with men including Michael his husband. I will bet you cannot find one single legitimate thing about that traitor. and now he wants the UN. nevermind the little things like the scar on the back of his head that looks like his brains were blown out or that he tried pushing through carbon taxes to give the rich our money for our just existing or that every word out of his mouth was a lie. that his inauguration was on a recreation of the thrown of BAAL in denver.

  6. Question; what would one practice if the law became more lawless than lawful, if for instance the law of the nation, followed neither the law of God, nor the law of the Oppressor, and in fact, was a divided law showing some partiality toward good, some toward evil? For in the event to abandon that law and take up God's or the Oppressor's (at the opposite end of the spectrum) would in turn lead the follower of either the good or the evil law oppressed by said nation? How many claim to take up God's law, and in fear of speaking truthfully in regards to sensitive subjects, forsaking the law they claim to follow? At the same time another man claims to follow the oppressor and shows a partiality to one or two of God's laws; he forsakes the law he claims to follow as well. In this, lawlessness is constantly at work.


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