Satanic Bible vs. The Holy Bible

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Comment (47)

  1. Okay, so Satanists don't claim that Satan even exists yet they still choose to have it in their name but get all offended when someone thinks they worship Satan. I agree with whoever said that Satanists are just edgy atheists.

  2. Well, there are various denominations of both Christianity and Satanism (as with all religions) that would interpret things differently or even use a different material, but I guess this describes an interpretation of each.

  3. I kind of have my own like personal religion belief..

    I believe that the universe is kind of a god. It looks out for you and it keeps you safe. But I believe in karma. So if you do something real bad,the universe is gunna fuck your shit up😂

  4. My dear I understand your viewpoints but Satan and God are real.

    Don't continue to be DECEIVED. Watch out what is going on in the world around you.

    You need to take the blind fold from your eyes. I know because I have had plenty of experiences regarding this.

    Go Do deeper work in Satanism and get into this kind of stuff you will then know what is really true.

    You will then get a real world concept of Good and Evil and how much evilness there is that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

  5. Okay, but how do we know that out "Scientific discoveries" actually exist? Because the news tells us? LMAO. I'm not saying that you're wrong but we can't trust what we are told by Government or Mainstream news.

  6. You know that Satan is called the Great Deceiver right? The satanic bible is bullshit just like the other bible written by a Great Deceiver, the Quran. I have no sympathy for people who put their faith in someone who is literally called, "The Great Deceiver", in their own lore. Definition of deceiver: (of a person) cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage.

  7. the bible says its faithfully infallible not infallible. thats a mistake that satanists and atheists make alwasy and it really annoys me lol. it can be scientifically wrong, becasue it was written by humans

  8. Hmmm. In Mr Lavey's book, he talks about Satan's role in hell in comforting all those whom chose to follow him and burn. Lavey also talks about how Lucifer punishes christians with a hotter fire !

    That within itself is acknowledging the existance of Satan / Lucifer !

  9. Read about Enki and Enlil, the sumerian creation story has too many similarities to the old testament to dismiss.
    Enki (satan) was one of Enlils right hand, he designed the human body and created us,
    Enlil(Christian god) wanted humans to remain obedient and lacking knowledge, kept as workers.
    Enki went against Enlil and gave Adam and eve the gift of knowledge, disguised as a serpent. Enlil banished them from the garden and banished Enki.

  10. God does exist. atheists are beyond mentally ill . 1. Guy and Girl 2. dick and pussy. enough said you fucking idiots and what do us guys and girls need more then anything to live water and what does earth have more then anything WATER!!! so yeah its seems well planned out to me not some bullshit like the big bang theory .

  11. HAIL SATAN🙌 yes I'm a Satanist yes I'm emo now now I don't have a problem with Christian ppl unless they have a problem with the

    (And please don't start yelling EMO! in the comments

  12. Actually the Bible was written as a metaphor….thats why its hard to understand without proper relentless research….science can also go hand and hand with the bible depends on your viewpoint…..but im not here to argue

  13. I'm pretty sure God only wants you to make your own happiness and make your own heaven, and to build your own life without harming anyone, and does not want to be "glorified" or "worship". And pretty sure god does not give human a capacity in the brain to know that god is real, until maybe humans greatly advance in their scientific discoveries and physics. All these books written on god "Bible", "Quran", "Talmud". . .ect were just like centralized political system at the time to make people in the empire like-minded to the laws

  14. Critical theory and cultural hegemony at it's worst. Brought to you in part by teenaged, nerdy, high pitched voice, atheist, who is obsessed with video games and critiquing the Bible in public. Lol!


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