Bible Predicts Judgment of White People!

This video clip is an extension of the “Gentiles are White People” collection and also discuss the scriptural revelations worrying the Gentile (European) countries greatly consequently to their spreading and also confining theIsraelites


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  1. The last few minutes hit me Hardest. Loved the whole series and especially this one but the last few minutes felt like prophecy in the last days. We getting there and when we cry out it's over. Thank you brother truly. All praises in Christ name

  2. LiteRetro: First of all. The one you are calling g-d=gad=Beelzebub. So sense you are using your father name the devil. Then that's would expand why you are pushing the bs video. Because it's a ball face lie. It's got some truth in it. But it has a lot of lies in also. By the way the word g-d and lord are title. NOT NAMES. And my father in heaven chose me. I was grafted in. I'm Hebrew. You need to repent. For your sins. Get down on your hands and knees and ask the creator in his real name to forgive you. For spreading lies. I never get easy cases. He all ways sends me extremes cases. like I was. And you are. Time is short. Time is a hand. So if you don't straighten out all the lies, And Sins NOW!! Then when Standing on judgment day. THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE!!!.

  3. This video proves the Austra Albus aka Neanderthals so called white men are indeed the physical manifestation of Satan . There are 2 images : 1) of TMH ( blacks) , 2) of the beast ( white)

  4. Not only does Gen 9:27 refer to the ASHKENAZI Khazars but ALL the other pale skinned nations who refer to themselves as Arabs ie the
    Lebanese, Kurds, Palestinians, Jordanians, Saudi Arabians, etc who are no more than the descendants of the Greeks, Romans, Ottoman Turks, and any other European/Central Asian nation to come down into Arabia and set up camp there.

  5. One thing my foster mother was jeronomos great grand daughter she was a spirtule lady and a penticostil BELEAVED in Jesus Christ she married a white man here children are white so your speeding AGINST here children also and how do you know who has treated who wrong one thing I never have hated in my life never have and but I do question everything just BECOUSE somewon was a slave owner doesent mean thay were all bad owners if you do your recherch the karzars Jewish people are the wones who demanded Christ blood to be spilled

  6. I have different beleave then most EVERYON just becomes some won black how do you know who the rue Hebrews are Christ was not a Hebrew or a jew he travelled through Africa teaching easu was one of but it does ent mean all blacks are EASU EITHER and Jacob was the white brother so who is really who I don't know do you really know witch is witch

  7. If replacement theology be true or/and The Almighty has cast HIS People away then why are there people in the land called jew-ish/israelis receiving much money from many nations for who they are while living under the scripture of, 'I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you,'(paraphrased),and they are a state not a nation or a country.not a question.thanx for the vid Bruh,Shalom

  8. There is no way Israel was populated by the ethnic tribal savagery of the Sub-Saharan African peoples. NO WHERE ON EARTH did the truly dark negro heritage people of the world accomplish ANYTHING beyond Stone Age tribalism. Formally colonized nations are now failed states because ethnically they can’t get out of their own way. There are STILL tribal African people that dance around campfires at night in scary clown masks like Stone Age idiots. Are you serious about how ‘oppressed’ you were, or the Indians were, because you got wiped out and overrun by FAR more advanced peoples? And now what? To generate a historical sense of accomplishment you just make up stuff like a Stone Age, tribalistic, in some places still cannabalistic race of people was actually the ancient Israelites, chosen by God? That is the insipid garbage that got Trump elected. This video has 80 likes to 2 dislikes?!?! What a horrifying echo-chamber you preach to. A lot of black-fist hair picks in people’s past here. Have you ever thought about this….. during the Age of Exploration when the Europeans sailed and circumnavigated the Globe they found lesser advanced peoples, tribal peoples, Stone Aged peoples. Sub-Saharan Africa, Madegascar, the Indian Ocean islands, Paupa New Guinea (cannabalism), the Pacific Islands from Fiji to Hawaii, Australia and the Aboriginals….. North American, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, ALL OF THEM DARKER SKINNED THAN EUROPEANS! That doesn’t ring some inherent truth to you? White supremacy is a bad thing because it is a militant mindset. But white pride and white superiority complex? Sorry bro, those are well and truly earned. Stone Age ethnicities WERE NOT EQUAL to further advanced ethnicities when they came into contact with each other. And that genuine in-equality still shows today in every way. And no ethnic historical revisionism of the Bible will grant that equality. The world will be better served if there is an admittance that white people built the modern, technologically advanced world with their inventiveness and their intellect because other races could not achieve it. They may have built it by stealing the physical strength of other races, but they damn sure did t steal the intellectual property of other races. You all need to go to AA for ‘oppressed’ people. Admitting that you were never equal in the first place is the first step toward recovery.


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