The Great Tribulation|Time of Jacob ' sTrouble

FREE King James Bible: Old and also New Testament + Audio By Max McLean.

Revelation12: & variation= KJV!!!!

If you make the blunder and also take the Mark of the Beast it mores than for you. Free Bible Download that consists of the Dictionary of every word in the Bible and also the Meaning in the initial tongue. Also has exceptional word search.

SinnersIn the Hands of an Angry God|By Max Mclean:


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  1. The Real Israelites will be so called raptured. Not everybody. Before any debate or think I'm being negative, just do the research. These are words from the Bible and other book that was took out of the Bible but not my words

  2. A couple of things. The US is the worlds leading terrorist nation. It is a nation whose economy is built from war and the supply of arms to its warring friends, hence a previous US President stated clearly not to allow the Military Industrial Complex or the Banks too much power. Too late, both run the US. The US is not surrounded by enemies but creates enemies by invading sovereign nations, either overtly or covertly, with the sole purpose of replacing Govt's it doesn't like i.e. Iraq, Syria etc etc. Secondly, there is no christian rapture, this is a figment of the imagination of the replacement theologians who want Sun-day keeping fanatics to believe they will be saved from His wrath. What does it state in Scripture about why Yeshua is returning? Yeshua is returning to cleanse the world of Iniquity, and Iniquity is lawlessness, and lawlessness is Torah-lessness. This is confirmed In Scripture, both the Tanankh and the erroneously called new testament.
    Here's a Scripture Quiz for You, see how many you get right;

    1. Which Word Is Not In Scripture?
    *Sabbath *Bible *HalleluYah *Netzarim

    2. Which of the following denominations is the One Body of Yeshua, according to Scripture?
    *Lutheran *Catholic Church *Pentecostal Baptist *Israel *Anglican Church

    3.According to Acts 15: 19-21, on what day could Gentiles go and hear Moses read in the Synagogues?
    *Sabbath *Sunday mornings *Never *Woden's Day evenings

    4. At Acts 2, the 120 Netzarim were gathered for which commanded festival of YHWH (Yeshua's Father)?
    *Easter *Christmas Day *Lent *Shabuoth *St. Patrick's Day *Earth Day

    5. At Acts 21:20, many thousands of believing Yehudim were zealous for?
    *Torah *Changing their religion *Eating swine flesh *The Mass & sacraments

    6. At 1Cor 5:8, Paul told us to observe what feast?
    *Mardi Gras *Passover *Saturnalia *Halloween & All Saints Day

    7. At Rev 12:17, the Dragon is enraged at those who hold to the Testimony of Yeshua and?
    *Observe Valentines Day *Obey YHWH's Commandments *Obey 9 Commandments *Work on Sunday *Trust In the sacraments *Baptise babies *Erect Christmas trees

    8. According to Zeph, 3:9, Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21, those who are saved will do what?
    *Believe In Jesus *Speak In tongues *Be raptured *Call on the name of YHWH

    9. The "schoolmaster" at Gal, 3:24, 25 that brings us to Messiah by faith we're no longer under His?
    *Ichabod Crane *Ceremonial law of sacrifices *Ten Commandments *Hebrew Calendar

    10. Yeshua is the Messiah and King of what group of people on the Earth, according to Scripture?
    *Christians *Israel *Mormons *Druids *Sunni Arabs *White Supremacists

    11. According to Eph 2:8-13, through the Covenants Gentiles become fellow citizens of:
    *Christianity * Phoenicia *Roman Catholicism * Israel *United Federation of Planets

    12. At Mt. 28:19,20, Yeshua told them to teach the nations to obey:
    *Everything He commanded Israel obey *The pope *The Sanhedrin *Church doctrines

    13. What is the Renewed Covenant, according to Heb 8:8-13?
    *Just believe in Jesus *Sunday worship *The sacraments *End of Torah, live in “grace”
    *Torah written upon our hearts by Yeshua *Follow your heart, do as thou wilt

    14. Who is the Renewed Covenant with, according to Heb 8:8-13?
    *Catholic priesthood & hierarchy *Amish seminary graduates *Masonic Adepts
    *House of Israel & House of Yahudah *Church attendees *Dalai Lama adherents

    15. In the riddle of Rev 13, what will keep YHWH’s people from buying and selling?
    *Sabbath, the mark of YHWH *Mean Beast people *Discrimination laws *Fear
    *Inability to hold a job *Mark of Cain *Having no business skills *Being dead

    16. What does the word "martyr" mean as used in Scripture?
    *Catholic saint *Dead Crusader *A fighter like Joan of Arc *Cement for bricklaying
    *A witness, normally persecuted *Homicidal bombers *Customer of Wal-Mart

    17. At Acts 1:12, what distance did Luke describe was a "Sabbath distance"?
    (Luke wrote Acts approximately 31 years after Yeshua ascended).
    *The city limits of Yerushalyim, defined by the walls *The Mount of Olives to the city (about a kilometer, 3/5 of a mile, or roughly 2000 cubits) *A full tank of gasoline *4.3 light years, the distance to Alpha Centauri, the second-nearest star to Earth

    18. The gates of the New Yerushalyim will be named for, and able to be entered by:
    *Muslims *12 tribes of Israel *Christians *New Age adherents *Ku Klux Klan

  3. the lord Jesus said we going to celebrate the chinese new year first then tribulation or rapture will begins within 7 days after chinese new year.and it will end in december of 2020 , god will eliminated 2% of human population mostly the evil and wicked ppl according to the lord Jesus .THEN our planet will be under water by the end of 2020 causes by poles shift. the lord Jesus said use the lunar calendar because it is the same as god calendar. the time frame to watch is from FEB 17 to FEB 23 of 2018 gregorian calendar .
    to get ready for the rapture your body and soul need to be clean, eating meat is contributing to the killing and suffering of god creations.You cant enter god heaven when your soul are full of animal fleshs. Killing,suffering and eating fleshs dont exist in god heaven only in satan,demon and our world.
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  4. You forgot to mention the most important part to surviving the tribulation is REPENTANCE! Because if you happen to die in the tribulation… you don't want to end up in the Lake of Fire!

  5. God spoke to me twize a He told me I AM coming soon.  I opened my bible to memorized texts from the bible. And the bible was in 1 Thessalonians 4: I3-18. And I heard God voice very clear and He told me I AM coming soon. He gave Jeremiah 1: 16-19/ Ezekiel 2:1-10. Read: Mathew 24:36-39. Read: Revelation 22: 7, 12-21. Read: 1 Corinthians 15: 50-58. Amen. Read: Galatians 6: 6-7-8. Read: 2 Corinthians 5: 10. Reas: Revelation 20:15.

  6. Isaiah 66:20-21, isaiah 52 imposter Isaiah 2, isaiah 14, revelations 2-3, Matthew 23 I am the patriarch/ Boss/ Commander and chief of every country and men. Isaiah 60&61 failure to serve me is your own death and yalls religion is backwards and sucks.
    Jeremiah 51:20&21, Amos 6:1 Until every whitemales who holds majority in all power structure recognizes and yields to these every last one I will not respect the piece of shit lawless.

  7. It's not only about America. The wrath of God will be poured out upon all those who rejected the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Rapture means that Jesus will take His people from this unholy world before the great tribulation starts and this earth will get destroyed. We are close. Jesus will come and stand not back to the earth but to "mesouranima" as the Greek text claims: to the middle (meson) of the sky (ouranos) among clouds and those who are sealed by the HOLY SPIRIT will GO TOWARDS HIM. God will punish the inhabitants of earth for their blasphemy and idolatry. REPENT


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