John 3: 16// Nine Promises About Eternal Life

No kid of God will certainly be burnt out in infinity. In this laboratory, John Piper mixes our exhilaration for the brand-new paradises and also brand-new planet by aiming us to nine promises from God’s word. For the research study overview, go to:



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  1. I am so grateful that God has perfect timing. I've been going through serious doubts and trying to run with my own strength and God has been working for me, through me, and through those who He has placed in my life and this lesson brings so much joy and peace about my inability to "be good enough" and Christ Jesus' finished work on the cross.

  2. I always have trouble when it comes to reading the Bible, I always get so distracted and I don’t read it. I’m not a reader, I don’t even read long comments on YouTube. I always feel that I’m bad but when I hear the stories kids tell at school and how they talk I’m good compared to them.

  3. I don't like when u don't use theKJV…As believers aren't we all sons of GOD.?….so then it makes more sense for Jesus to be the only "begotten " son.
    So when you start off saying the "only son of God" if throws a red flag and then I have to verify EVERYTHING. NOT FUN….I did however enjoy all 21 of you short videos on something I ran across on desiringGod…..thanks

  4. Well as long as you're not saying that it's going to be forgivable for it to happen again, or that it didn't already happen. And don't tell me that now is when then was from you. Yeah we mean grafted and all peoples. I have a nephew who is black. well, what do you call it once removed. Dan married a Philippine woman so there you go. They can't have kids and that's not my problem. Anyway I oppose this and I'm not being biased about whether I'm being biased or not. Geb (Keb/Kev/Gev, Egypt) is married to Nut (Not/Night, Laylah) and is a part of the Ennead (right, there is one God and it's not nine, not the earth, not of the earth, can you not read this? Those tombs were sealed for a reason.) What I said this not two weeks ago, not even one, and is that how you don't reason it means not? Satan was involved somehow? And you have your input too? Well I can't say there isn't some effort in forgiveness that you believe Him who sent Christ. But I believe that it is whomever is called, and/or there is too much effort in forgiveness and not in belief. Which is why it comes off that way in society and the enemy wants you to think that means that they're the ones to listen to and be loyal to and/or that there can't be enough sinning, in society at large. That's called lying and it is forbidden. How much worse is it then when you're lying in what you're doing and then you act as though the truth is a lie in what He does. If actions speak then could it be lying to sin at all? He knows you're trying to cover it up and the earth is bearing the accuser against you with what you've done. Don't tell me this is the first time again when that was the second already and the first was before John that was the third.

  5. Hudoi……download and do word searches……begotten……sons of God…..circumspectly……any word or combination of words. Set your default/home Bible to KJV and then you can compare with any other version to see the differences…..and then pray for God to bring you wisdom as you learn his word……🙏🏼🌈

  6. Thank you wholeheartedly Pastor John, for such a visual and in detail way to hear and see The Holy Word of God, with the gift God gave you thru His Holy Spirit, to Understand and Preach, and, the good use of technology, in this case with the mouse / digital pen, you take us back and forth, underlining, pointing at, enclosing words in a circle, guiding, preaching, showing, teaching us how to better understand, hold on with our hearts and use in our lives, The Bible, our God, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, may all we learn, feel, say and do be for His Eternal Praise and Glory, and then for our Sanctification, Amen.


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