Day of the Lord

Does God appreciate all of the bad people carry out in our globe, as well as if so, what is He doing concerning it? In this video clip, we map the various manner ins which God challenges human wickedness as well as the also much deeper spiritual wickedness that underlies it. Ultimately, we see exactly how Jesus meets this story as well as gets over bad by enabling it to beat him.


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  1. the beginning of wisdom is to hate evil. when you can seperate what is good from evil over time you can seperate those grey moment and see "well this went wrong here, and that went wrong over there" you then can be able to choose the correct narrow path that is the best path. or it could be wide if your wise enough. you can make decisions based off the holy spirit. you can ponder what would the son of man do in this situation. you can meditate and pray and this will propel you to a better decition then you normally would, if based on your human fallen nature.

  2. It makes no sense to believe in the "Big Bang" theory with space and a round earth as a spick of dust in a eternal space if you believe in God.
    It DOES make sense though if the world (earth) was the center of everything and God created it for us to be special.
    Just saying.


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