Amazing Bible Prophecy Everyone Must See! (70Weeks of Daniel Revealed)

Is God actual? Bible Prophecy provides proof. This episode describes Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy as well as even more! Prepare to be astonished at what The Bible anticipated!

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Those that deal with AoC Network are from different Christian customs. We goal to develop web content that is scriptural, academic, as well as can be valued by all fans ofChrist The Narrator (JerrenLewis), went to Beeson Divinity School getting a Masters of Divinity as well as finished his Clinical Pastoral Education residency at Princeton Baptist Medical Center working as a healthcare facility pastor.


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  1. When the Prophet Daniel was talking about the 70 weeks it was directed for these end times. From my 20 odd years of studying the Word, it never occurred to me that Jesus and Antichrist each were allotted 7 weeks/years period at separate dispensations of time. You also didn’t speak on the gap year between the 69th and the 70th week. Enjoy your teaching and will continue to watch. God bless you.

  2. These prophesies that you see here and the way they are being given have been preached for over one hundred years. It goes hand in hand with the 2300 year prophecy and the 1260 year prophecy. All of the from Daniel. Since you see that this one came true you should know and believe that the others once also came true and they did. We have been living in the antitypical day of Atonement since 1844. There is a judgement going on and all will be judged. Jesus is coming back soon to give everyone according as his works have been. It does not mean you are saved by works but by allowing God to work in you. Accepting His invitation to allow Him into your life and use you for His purposes. This is almost completed and soon Jesus will come back to take His people home. Those that His Father has given to Him. those that hear His voice and follow His commandments. Rev. 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints, here are they which keep His commandments and the faith of Jesus. This is the indication of who will be saved and who will be lost. Those who keep His commandments and the faith of Jesus. Who live as Jesus lived and follow His call to obey Him. If you love me Jesus says then you will keep my commandments. Lots of people say that that means you will love God and no other and your neighbour as yourself. The only problem is they forget the second part of this text were it says, on these hang all the law and the prophets meaning the Ten Commandments. No they have not been nailed to the Cross. Jesus fulfilled then meaning He lived according the them and He expects us to live according to them as well with His faith to help us to keep them perfectly in His power and His glory. Give your life to Him today so you can keep His commandments in his faith and you will be saved and sit at His right hand and enjoy the glory of eternal life in the world made new and travel the universe like it was supposed to be before Eve and then Adam, nagged by Eve to eat the fruit, sinned and put us in the condition we are in now. Do not be deceived. It is all coming to an end sooner than you think. the clock has stopped ticking. the time we have no is borrowed time. Do not be a foolish virgin who has no oil. Be Ready so you can go in to the marriage feast with the Bride Groom and be saved.
    Jesus is almost ready to take off His High Priestly garments and put on His Kingly garments. Then it will be over and no one will be able to change. The wicked will be wicked still and the Righteous will be Righteous still. no one will be able to change after that time. it is time to be made Holy, made Righteous, Sanctified and set apart for God's purpose. do not let another day go buy before you surrender your life to Jesus and be saved from the destruction to come. He, Jesus, Is Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I know where you learned this. Did you put your own lil twist to it? Can you finish it? Can you count the 2520 years? When was he cut off? When was the end of the trampling of Jerusalem? Did it end in 70ce? I really want to see where you are taking this. And how you bring this to our day? The Messiah arrived When? What year did he get the holy spirit?

  4. Is Jesus the Messiah, Anointed One, Christ, Lord, god Almighty, The Source of life, Son, Lord Of Host, Michael Lion, Sprout? You have a good thing going here and I can see where you’re going with this. Are you Clergy, Pastor, Teacher looking for followers?

  5. If you read Genesis that in scripture tells the death of Jesus.
    Genesis is the beginning. Of the first earth age, and of the beginning of what we are part of today.
    But what chirstains over looks in the book Genesis is the foundation of the whole Bible and the seed plot of reverlations.
    Now I am about to study this first earth age witch says when God destroyed every liven creacher. The rebelling of Satan. And I believe I shall find that Haven was actually on earth in heaven because it says God's throne but even here. So this is going to be a grate ride for me! Although I would like more eyes on this subject.

  6. Greetings in name of Lord Our Saviour Jesus Christ,
    You were right from the beginning till the end but when you said other prophecy writers interpret the 7 YEARS has TRIBULATION period.If thats the case then there is a gap between 69th week and 70th week known has the GRACE PERIOD SALVATION OPEN FOR ALL. Jesus Christ comes to take his own that is rapture happens then 70th week begins.If this is the case then verses
    26,27 is it for us or the TRIBULATION people. But nice way of explanation I liked it. God bless you.

  7. Thank you again for this insight….And again there is something I want to share with you. In the first 4 creationdays, there is no life on earth. With day 5th day God is creating the fish and the birds and with day 6th day the animals and the humans….Jezus came at the end of the 4th millenium. Moses was 40 years old as he was called. (He was dead to sin, before he was called) The Israeliets wandered through the wildernes for 40 years…(they were dead to sin and could not enter the Promised Land -> symbolic for God's Kingdom)…And the list of examples goes on and on….God is telling us, The first 4000 years humankind is dead to sin, than I will send the Savior, the Messiah….;p

  8. "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week" , if you claim that in the middle of the week Jesus died then here Daniel is still talking about the first coming. So What covenant did Jesus make with many for 1 week?

  9. i.thanks You Guys Truelly A People Of God Help Us Also To See The Truth In Bible God Blessed You Guys 😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Do you even know how few, if not completely non existent channels there are that actualy interpret bible prophecy on point??? Perfectly interpreted, how few videos ive watched until the end because one can hear when someome deviates from using scripture to explain scripture, but you… Every single word is on point, the ONLY video about prophecy that is accurate ive ever heard👐🏼♥️subscribing immediately

  11. Daniel 9:26 ''[…]The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary[…]'' Is talking about the roman empire who will destroy the city (Jerusalem) in 70 A.D. , not the jews. 20:36 But nice video God bless you

  12. All believers that have a personal relationship with Christ, God has justify us – Just as we never sin – by Christ blood on the cross. If you believe and repent. We worship a living God. The golden rule. yesterday home runs don't win today's game. Life is a serious game.

  13. “I will return!”
    Words of Jesus – January 24 2019
    “These are the Words of the Almighty. 
    I am He who searches hearts for those that seek me.
    The Day that My Father will tell me that it is time is fast approaching.
    Wake Up My people! Repent whilst there is still time.
    Do you not see the Signs of My coming? 
    I am appalled at the apathy.
    Some know but do not share. 
    Others in denial, oblivious to what is soon to come upon them.
    Why do you trust men over your God, your creator? 
    Such folly.
    I AM.  Believe, rejoice!
    But I have this against My arms and feet. 
    Start moving!
    You have me tied like Gulliver, release Me into your worship and relinquish control to me.
    Stop bickering!
    In My time, I will come and judge the world. 
    Repent and turn to me.
    I will forgive you.
    Even the best of My followers haven’t done enough but I will forgive them for their short-comings if they repent.
    But there are those who love Me, who talk with Me and know Me.
    Despite all, I will judge them stricter except I have wiped their slate clean permanently.
    Many speak of the Rapture, be sure that your oil is full and your wicks are trimmed.
    We are in the season, for the last time REPENT!”
    A video presentation of this can be viewed here:


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