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Matthew 24: 23-28, Deceivers And The Time Of Deception

We proceed in our knowledgeable by knowledgeable Bible research via the Gospel of Matthew on Sunday Mornings with Pastor Gino Geraci at Calvary South Denver in Littleton CO. This week we take a look at Matthew 24: 23-28 in a preaching called “DeceiversAnd The Time Of Deception.”. TheFrantic Search For A Deliverer (vv.23-24). GuardAgainst Deceivers […]

Jesus warning of endtimes deception MATTHEW 24

This is a really effective pythonic desire everything about Jesus and also Him warning us that we remain in the endtimes … in which the Lord talked just the Word ofGod I remained in a residence with other individuals and also Jesus showed up in the desire as the personality of the “Sonof God” film. […]