Ezekiel 6: A Whorish Heart Towards Idols|Pastor Roger Jimenez, VBC

Wednesday Evening, September 5, 2018|www.VerityBaptist.com
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Comment (7)

  1. I'm pouting at you Pastor Jimenez. 😉 Great sermon Pastor. It takes real love to preach on the subjects the NEW IFB pastors preach on. You hit it on the head, we don't need a friend, we need a pastor much more. Much love and much respect. Thank you. God bless.

  2. thank you Pastor for this sermon. I needed to hear this and pray that I will take the steps I need to do to obey this conviction This is a very necessary sermon for believers to hear. Thank you again for loving and caring for us ( even though I’m in NJ!)
    Gods blessings to you and your beautiful wife and family


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