The Bible’s primary method of speaking about God’s connection to mankind favors a collaboration. This video clip traces the method God participated in a collection of official connections with numerous human companions in order to save the globe via Jesus, the utmost agreement companion.


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  1. I had always been taught that God's covanents were being made after the pattern of the ancient near east suzerein – vassal (king-subject) treaties. This would be very different, because in that case, God would not be 'partnering' with humanity, as you say (as if they are on the same playing field), but rather, God is making the terms of the covanent (and he alone) because he is our king (I e superior to us). That seems to fit better in my estimation. For after all, it seems that God is making all of these Covenants on his own. Humanity is not agreeing to any of them. God is simply declaring. And that would make sense, because we are sinful humans.. What right do we have to be negotiating terms of a covanent with an eternal God. Thus I would say it is better to think of God declaring the terms of the covanents (as our king), rather than 'partnering' with humanity.

  2. But come on people, Jesus is not a descendent of David, genealogy of David does not include jesus though Matthew tried to force things to look that way and again, there are lot of things that jesus did not do which were prophecised that he will have to do. A Messiah should be a human if you read the Bible and jesus is God according to the Bible so how can he be a Messiah??? When jesus died, he had not been able to accomplish all that the Messiah was said would accomplish hence the necessity of the second coming of him to accomplish them all and so one can not currently say that Jesus is a Messiah.

  3. Thank u for this , May God bless you
    However I correct u not with judgment but with Love, don’t create an image of who God is, coz now u have subconsciously created a cartoon image of who God is in our minds.. but may God bless your work
    Thank u

  4. Sorry. I would like to make a comment, when you said "God" became "human". Yeshua our Messiah is the "the only begotten, and beloved SON of Yahweh Elohim". Yeshua who "fulfilled" Torah, ( "LAW") the Teachings and Instructions) of Yahweh. Yeshua "embodied" the fullness, of Yahweh "WORD", in body (his ACTIONS – did what his Abba told him to DO, his WORDS, (spoke what His Father told him to speak) and "THOUGHTS" (he emptied himself, of his own "will" – desires, and sort the "WILL" of his ABBA. (John 1:1-2). The "WORD" became "flesh" and "dwelt" among us. Yeshua is the "LIVING WORD of Yahweh Elohim his Father. Not just "written on Tablets", but lived as a lifestyle. Yeshua "lived" the "WILL" of Yahweh "perfectly" without sinning. Yeshua manifested the "WORD", the very essence, character and nature of Yahweh his Father. He lived and obeyed Yahweh in fullness/completely. Yahweh said in the Scriptures, "Do you know my NAME, and my SONS NAME". Yeshua is Yahweh's SON, (who did not "Sin" but obeyed), just as "Adam was His "SON" (who "sinned" and "disobeyed"). Adam through his "sin" brought "spiritual and physical death (the curse), Yeshua brought "spiritual and physical life", by taking the "curse" that was written against mankind, "upon himself", and to make a way for "mankind', through His sacrifice (giving his life for our life as a substitute), to be "reconciled" and "restored" back to Yahweh. Yeshua 's "NEW Blood Covenant", ratified by His Blood, was a much better " Covenant" than the one given to Moses "OLD Blood Covenant" ratified by the "blood of animals", that was now "fading away".

  5. i love this bible project i love too see much more understandle fore to be suite to understand what is bible is, i am blind for everything that Jesus did for me thats why i am thankful of this instrument for me.

  6. God gave us covenants to help us and we failed to keep them so He became a human and came to Earth to fulfill them for us. He came to do something we couldn't do for ourselves. If this isnt love, idk what is. God is full of mercy & full of grace. Thank you God!


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