In this video clip I reveal just how the Demons, Satan, and also the Spirit World features. This video clip reveals you just how to beat them and also secure on your own from them. It likewise informs you what the Bible states regarding them. It likewise clarifies why you have a Guardian Angel.


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  1. Great work…people should know that you've been on the dark side and know what happens…so whoever has not seen shouldn't speak what is true or not.Amen my brother.Thanks for the knowledge.

  2. Demons can not block prayers towards God, there is no biblical teaching of that say's demons stop them, and God see's and know's everything. Proverbs 5:21"'For your ways are in full view of the Lord,
    and he examines all your paths.'''

  3. i dont wanna got to hell, base of what i read in the Bible that place is beyond a Nightmare, Demons will torture me night and day, i will have no rest,…I seak redemption for my soul, Forgive me of all my sins, i believe there is a God, have mercey on me., porn is destroying my life and making me Sin, if i die ill go to Hell, can some one help me please before its to late for me, i need help, i need the blood of Jesus.

  4. Great video! 1:12 is very interesting, it seems that some demons can block our prayers and prevent them from reaching Heaven. I find this very disturbing. How can we strengthen our prayers? Maybe invoke the Holy Spirit everytime we pray?

  5. ALL demonic spirits are: unclean spirits, fallen angels, evil spirits, demons.
    some demons do have names according to their evil function,
    but Not ALL as you have described;
    All Divorce is caused by demonic spirits.

    Satan does NOT have children;
    Demons ARE evil spirits, (they were good angels before they fell) 
    and have always been under Satan's Command.

    What you said about demons blocking our prayers
    WAS true in the Old Testament.
    But since the Holy Spirit was given to us to live inside us;
    God knows everything we are Thinking and Feeling
    so demons cannot block our (thought) prayers.
    So angels are no longer as involve in our lives as they were in Old Testament..
    (Demons cannot hear our thoughts, but demons can read what we write on paper, computer and phone screen. in that sense demons are "reading" our thoughts.)

    The demons CANNOT "Posses" "Born Again Believers" that have given their lives to Jesus Christ; however many "Christians" can & do "have" demons living inside of them running their lives without the person being aware. (these demons can easily be "Cast Out".

    As you did describe, there are many demons all around us watching for a "Legal Right" to be allowed Inside us (they always have to ask God's permission first), and speak into our Thoughts that sound exactly like our own Thoughts so we cant even tell those Thoughts are Not our own Thoughts, and this can easily get us into a lot of trouble.. 
    The demons Outside of us can also speak into our Thoughts that sound exactly like our own Thoughts and have the same affect on us, just Not quite as much control.

    Beware of “Wolves” in “Sheep's Clothing
    (like Pastors of churches that appear Christian, do everything Christian, but are as Evil as Evil gets)

    When Jesus gave US His Name & Authority to believers, and His Blood, that changed Everything.

    (some of the Bible verses you quote are taken completely out of context)

    I could go on…..but… are giving a lot of "misinformation"

    I have over 40 years experience in Deliverance Ministry.

    You cannot "Bind" demons or Satan.
    ((go to Google and type in "Binding Satan and demons in Bible"))

  6. OK ….. and exactly WHERE did you get your information for this video so we can check it out and see if you got things right??? You don't really think we are supposed to BELIEVE in your understanding without proving to us you know what you are talking about???