This is session 21 out of 24 sessions.
I have all 24 sessions of this extremely intriguing bible research of Revelation.


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  1. Nimrod was the son of Cush, and he founded the Sumerian kingdom, which ruled all the other kingdoms, but Nimrod was not an Assyrian, nor was he the founder of Assyria, as Asshur, son of Shem, was the founder of Assyria. Nimrod did build cities in Assyria, as they were allied with him. Cushites eventually settles Ethiopia and parts of India, known as the Hindu Cush. They were a Black people, but Assyrians were fair, ruddy complexioned people. I do not believe that the anti-Christ or the Beast will have anything to do with Assyrian descendants.

  2. "They deliberately designed Easter as an occult holiday"

    Do go on Chuck. No more info?
    He fails to tell you all that the catholic church did this and nearly every other pagan practice into Christianity.

    Wow, he later tied Catholicism as the beast system. Good job Chuck, respect.

  3. Revelation 18 was talking about Europe colonialism, how European misbehave during that era, how they acquiring goods from colonies or trade posts and how that era end with double cup punishment aka 2 world wars. Rev 17 was another era/current era Europe talking her relationship with 10 horns beast islam and how islam start terror jihad against her

  4. May 1, 2018. RIP chuck missler! O intercontinetal ballistic missler! We ūüíúu forever! ..cant wait to see u in heaven! Thank u for all your awesome teachings. I miss u alreadyūüėĘūüė≠ūüėĘūüė≠ūüėĘ

  5. Erath Shamayim

    1000 year -> 1day -> 24 h

    x <- 1 h

    x = 41,6666666…

    Temple destroyed= 70 year

    70 – 41 = 28,333 + 3 = 31,33 (Yeshua)

    (Mt 12:24) blasfemy of the holy spirit by Israel Nation
    penalty = death of the nation

    31 + 41 (approximation) ’ Jerusalem and the temple destroyed

  6. Chuck says that the 'Woman' in his first description of the Woman, is Israel. I would, like others, believe it is rather 'the Church'. Why? Because in 1Corinthians 15:52, Paul tells the Church in Corinthians that the '….dead in Christ will rise first and WE shall be taken at the twinkling of an eye and be changed'. Paul was addressing the christian church in Corinth, not a Jewish assembly, also he said We, which means him and the christians listening to him then, and us, today's christians. If he had been addressing the Jews, he would have said YOU talking directly to them, or THEY, if he had referred to the Jews.

  7. Revelation 17:3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness (DESERT): and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

    The great whore is STILL killing Christians (Saints who testify Jesus)
    The Catholic Church is not killing the saints NOW.

  8. I am amazed that so many people are mezmerized by this man's teaching. Simply put, Mystery Babylon is the Satanic System of False Religion that leads people away from trusting Jesus Christ as Lord by grace through faith alone. The Roman Catholic church and the Pope is only part of this evil world system. The Roman Cathoilic church is not the only false religion that has martyred the saints over the centuries. Almost every false world religion is responsible for persecuting and executing Christians throughout the centuries. All are satanic and are a part of the Mystery Babylon.

  9. Gen. 1: 14.   Yahweh gave us the sun, moon and stars  so we would know the TIME  and the seasons.  Also  to  divide the day from the night.  NOTHING MORE.
      In Rev. 12  we are told about a " Woman". 
     YOU use  your understanding of  a 'woman'  to get uderstanding of the "woman" in Rev. 12  from Astrology.  The zodiac.    
    WHEN we  put our understanding of WHAT a " Woman"  is aside ,   THEN Yahweh can  tell Us His understanding of WHAT a " woman / woman" IS in  the the scripture. 
    WHEN we read  EVERY  scripture with the WORD " Woman" in it  We find that  a " Woman" in the scripture has TWO understandings. 
    The first  understanding is ALWAYS natural understanding.  A ' woman' is a human woman.
     As We read  EVERY scripture with the WORD WOMAN in it We find that a " WOMAN"  is also  a " CITY".
     WHEN we read  EVERY scripture with the WORD  "  HER"  in it We find that  the WORD " HER"  has two understandings.
      The first is ALWAYS Natural understanding.    The WORD " Her" is telling Us about a human woman.  
    The second understanding is telling Us that the WORD " HER"  is a " CITY".  WHEN We read EVERY  scripture with the WORD " SHE".  We find that the WORD " SHE" has two understandings.
     The first is ALWAYS Natural.   The WORD ' SHE' is telling Us about a human woman. 
    The second understanding is telling Us about  a " CITY".
     NOW we KNOW that in Yahweh's scripture the WORD " WOMAN"  is always a human woman OR  a " CITY". 
     NOW We can go to Rev. 12  and read with Yahweh's understanding of WHAT a " WOMAN" IS. 
     Reading  Rev. 12:  We find that  the WOMAN  mentioned here is NOT a human woman.   Therefore it MUST be a " CITY". 
     Yahweh's scripture tells Us  the NAME of this " CITY".
     In Rev.  17  We are told about a BAD WOMAN.   This  WOMAN MUST also be a " CITY". 
     Yahweh does not change.
       WHEN We ask Yahweh a question , He WILL answer us in plain and simple Words in His scripture.
     "   Father: WHO is the " CITY in Rev. 17.? 
    Rev. 17: 18  Yahweh tells us that the WOMAN is "  The great CITY'  that reigns over the Kings of the earth. 
     Again We ask:"  Father Tell us the NAME of this great CITY".
     Rev. 11: 8.   Tells us that " The great CITY is " WHERE Our /  Their LORD was crucified.
     The great CITY in  Rev. 17  is Jerusalem  at the time of the end.    WHEN SHE will rule over the KINGS of the earth. 
     NOW We can go to  Rev. 12  and ASK Yahweh WHO is the CITY in Rev. 12.
      The first thing We notice is that this CITY is a GOOD CITY. 
     In the book of Revelation " THE great CITY" is mentioned 9 times. 
    Without exceptions this CITY MUST be telling Us about Jerusalem.
     Rev. 11: 8.   The CITY is Jerusalem  on the earth. 
     The first  understanding is always natural.  
    The Last mention of " The great CITY"  is in Rev. 21: 9-  10. 
    This CITY is the NEW Jerusalem. 
    EVERY  other reference to the great CITY in the book of Revelation  MUST be describing The Jerusalem that now is OR  the heavenly CITY of Yahweh.
     In Revelation  18  We read  aout  " HER".  The Jerusalem that now is.
     In Rev. 18:  We are told about  "  SHE".
     Jerusalem is described as a WOMAN, A SHE,  A HER  all through the book of Revelation. 
     The woman in Rev. 12  is the NEW Jerusalem  birthing the born again  144,000  literal genetic SONS of Yahweh  SOON. 
     Gal. 4: 26   tells us that the NEW Jerusalem is Our Mother in heaven.
     ALL of Yahweh's scripture tells Us that  a WOMAN in the Spiritual is a " CITY".
     So says Yahweh.   It is a FEARFUL thing to say:"  SO SAYS YAHWEH".
     May Yahweh give you understanding in these salvation scripture of things to come. 
     Heb. 12: 14. 
    Bless you

  10. Chuck is a false prophet. He does not grasp that before the cross the powers are literal, after the cross spiritual. Example of this, though there are many, in Revelation 11, the verse that states that Egypt is spiritual, not to be understood as literal. That a prophecy a day is equal to a year, see Number 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6. Study him and his messages if eternal life is not your desire. Want truth? Read the Great Controversy or listen to it on Youtube. But Most likely you want to be part of the daughters of Rome, the daughters of the great whore, Babylon the great, so go ahead and listen to men like this, but know this, you have accepted as Paul said in Corinthians, another gospel and another Jesus, other than that what i have taught. (2 Cor. 11:4)

  11. Interesting how the Pastor described the revival of the Roman empire. So many verses of scripture seem to point to Rome, the Papacy and the Vatican in the events which will play out in the End Times. Rome is also known as the city which sits upon seven hills.

  12. Chuck claims the United Nations will be moved to Babylon. Nobody that works at the United Nations is going to Babylon for a long time. Have you seen Babylon lately?  It's a few hundred families in old brick type homes.  It's a wasteland now. With ISIS and Iran roaming Iraq it's going to be a LONG time before Babylon makes a come back. It's more plausible that Babylon is symbolic of something spiritual manifesting in the physical world. Chuck is a smart guy but he's confused about what Babylon is.

  13. Lol Rome has been here for 2000 years and the gates of Hell won't prevail against it – READ ROMANS 1:7 to get a clue. The people who LEAVE and AND RE-APPEAR are called the Jewish People which Chuck MISSLER is of. You guys don't understand how FAR away from Christianity you are. You are wanna be Jews and Freemasons preaching anti-Christ.

  14. How about the trouble in EU today and the movement of Brexit and the countries which resist the EU these days in Europe.
    I agree which a lot of things but your vision on Europe is not actual

  15. Revelation Twenty 2 verse 18     WARNING
    King James Bible
    'For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:'

  16. ūüĎćon content and teachingūüĎébut that continuous annoying lip smacking is unnecessary… surprised they don't edit their lessonsūü§ďwish i could find a lip smacking removal app, i got to say listening him is worth the smackingūü§ď

  17. I think its like this. The woman is the vatican and the beast is Islam (anyone seen any pictures of the pope kissing the quran lately) well the beast will turn and devour the woman…. Islam will attack europe and it is happening now

  18. Here lies the connection between the Assyrian (Nimrod) antichrist and Turkey which is the place of Pergamus ‚Äď Satan's seat, Garden of Eden, Arrat ‚Äď the noah's Arc landing, underground caves (probably cain ‚Äď seed of the serpent ‚Äď mark as a giant) and Turkey. Turkey was the Eastern leg of the Roman Empire joined to the Western leg of the Roman Roman Empire (Catholic church ‚Äď which was on seven hills) made for a continuous Secret powerful organization from the flood (Nimrod's death)almost. Nimrods wife Simiramis (refused to be a widow saying her baby "Tammuz" was her husband, Nimrod, reborn to her)continued from there, making an evil parallel to Christ and the church with anti-christ and the mother of Harlots.Also Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the catholic Church. She is the mother of all post -flood religions (harlots). The Catholic church began Islam also ‚Äď connecting Saudi Arabia also ( possibly mystery Babylon is Mecca). Being destroyed it makes more sense ‚Äď dwelling in the desert in the sight of Merchants, Saudi Kings and Seafarers on the Suez as a witness.

  19. Chuck Missler received a Congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy
    and then served in the U.S. Air Force. After leaving active duty, he became
    Branch Chief of the Department of Guided Missiles at Lowry Air Force Base.
    Chuck has earned a Masters Degree in engineering from UCLA and a Ph.D. from
    Louisiana Baptist University. Chuck has worked as a systems engineer at TRW,
    followed by a Senior Analyst position serving both the intelligence community
    and the Department of Defense.

    He also worked for the Ford Motor Company where he established the first
    international industrial computer network. He has served as a consultant to the
    Board of Directors of Rockwell International for corporate acquisitions and has
    also participated in over 100 business ventures as a principal, strategic
    advisor, or turnaround specialist. During the past 30 years, Chuck has also
    served on the Board of Directors of over a dozen public companies, and was
    Chairman and CEO of six of them. In addition, Chuck is the author of over sixty
    publications, including Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, Cosmic Codes – Hidden
    Messages From the Edge of Eternity, and "Alien Encounters.

  20. You, WESLEY TAYLOR and CHUCH MISSLER, do NOT follow the word. Rev. Twenty-two verse eighteen….For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.

  21. You, WESLEY TAYLOR and CHUCK MISSLER, do NOT follow the word. Rev. 22:18—— For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.

  22. Liars , liars, liars ! Israhell is the harlot ( The Great City ( rev.11;8) where jesus was crucified…and the scarlet beast is N.W.O. with its 10 regions and 7 heads ( G7) USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Japan !

  23. The Day of the Lord
    is also called
    The Day of Christ, the Day of God,
    the Kingdom, the Lord's Day, and THE DAY.
    It will be a Sabbath of rest of 1,000 years.

    Early in the day there is a storm and terrible events – the time of Jacob's trouble
    then it continues as a beautiful day when the wolf lies down with the lamb.

    The body of Christ (the Church) will rise early in the morning on that day.
    She will be taken to heaven as described in Isaiah chapter 26.
    After the tribulation she will return with her husband and rule with Him 1,000 years
    and then forever.

  24. Chuck mentioned Halley's Bible Handbook.
    That was once a very popular book especially for pastors and teachers.
    Today it seems forgotten. Chuck mentioned the early editions of it.
    The early editions had a section on ' The Millennial Day ' theory.

    That is an ancient teaching going back to the time of Enoch.
    It was in the letter of Barnabas and many early Christian teachers taught it.
    Modern man has thrown it out. If you research it remember this
    the 5th day did not start at the birth of Christ but at the birth of the church.
    We are still in the 6h day.

  25. The Muslim Empire destroyed much of what was left of the Roman Empire.
    They took over the Eastern leg of the Roman Empire first and then were on their way to taking over the Western remains but were defeated in southern France.
    The crusades were a result of the Eastern part asking for help from the Western part.

    Being called the Ottoman Empire  may be a bit misleading. It was the Muslim Empire.
    A teaching of Islam is that once an area is conquered for Islam – if it ever breaks free then it must be recaptured. That is part of why the Muslims today want to destroy Israel and take all the land.

  26. First it was Chuck's overuse of the word interesting,
    and the heavy breathing (due to sinus congestion? –
    maybe has a deviated septum and needs an operation?)
    now in this series he has this distracting smacking of the lips
    going on.
    His teaching is so good I endure the distractions.