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Prophecy experts Tim LaHaye, author of the mega bestselling Left Behind series, and Ed Hindson team up in Global Warning now in trade paper to write this powerful report on the earth’s final hour.For ages people have speculated about how the world will end. How can we discern the real clues from the many false alarms? LaHaye and Hindson examine ancient Bible prophecies in light of today’s news headlines and provide a panoramic survey of the final signs that will serve as God’s global warning to the people of all nations. Jesus promised He would someday return to Earth to bring judgment and set up His kingdom. He even reveals specific details about what will happen.What are those details? What can we expect? Will terrorism, nuclear threats, and the Middle East crisis have a part? Are there other clues we may have missed? This captivating page-turner is a book with an urgent message for Christians and non-Christians alike!



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