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  1. Take note that Rev 12 is a presentation of fact concerning lsrael and the kingdom of the antichrist . Here they are called the Wonders in Heaven . We know that the antichrist lives in Rome as depicted by the seven heads and the crowns on it . But their fullfilments is seen in the next chapter Rev 13 . Their activities are described and the crowning of the beast shifted from the seven heads to the ten horns w/c means that the leadership in the kingdom is no longer in the religious side but is replaced in the political side of the power base of this kingdom . Hence , the persecutions , wars and violence against the Jews and Christians and desecretion of the jewish Temple . The antichrist will be the leader and vatican is destroyed .

  2. I agree with the idea that Emmanuel Macron to be the Antichrist. He fits all of the descriptions of how the Antichrist would be like. He’s already forming the 10 nation army in Europe just as the Bible predicted, he’s from Europe and the fact that he possibly have homosexual tendencies just as the Bible predicted. It’s a good chance that Macron is the Antichrist for sure. Just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Question, Ezekiel 38 tells u the nations that will come against Israel when they are invaded at the midpoint of the seven year period. We have heard these nations will be the revived holy Roman Empire, shouldn't we be able to read Ezekiel 38 and be able to identify who the nations are that will invade Israel at the midpoint of the seven year period, and continue north and eventually invade Jerusalem, shouldn't we be able to tell RIGHT NOW if those nations were apart of the holy Roman Empire, or are there other nations that were not apart of the Roman Empire that will take the place of some of those nations? Either way we should know if this is the revived holy Roman Empire or if some new nations are added in?

  4. Irvin i saw your interview admitting why you chose to stay in the lucifarian system to protect your shareholders… didnt stand and make proper decisions for Jesus,tithes etc…rather you choose to stay in 501-c3 to get your monies worth…so $is your God b4 Christ.Goodbye im undubscribing.

  5. Dear brothers Baxter and David, we really do appreciate you, giving us so much information that many of us don'y even know, specially when you speak of the rebirth of the roman empire when I was not yet a believer. Since I became a believer I've become, as many others watching your live stream, a watchman on the wall, even more when you live in Israel.
    I just want to make a comment about this new puppet macron taking the stage for a short time, this is how I see him, he is a puppet being used by higher entities to put some parts of the stage in place, but I really don't think he is the one being called antichrist, he doesn't have the required personality. I can concede he has a disturbed mind, no children, married to the pedophile woman who was his teacher, and that in itself has a lot of implications, but for the rest I don't see he has the required personality to fill that position. Other than that, people don't like him, between his own people and in the Jewish population in France and in Israel.
    Thank you so much again, I've learned a lot watching you guys. May our Lord and King Messiah Yeshua bless you and your families abundantly. Shabbat Shalom

  6. You guys get so much correct, but unfortunately this is not one of them. No where in Daniel is the Roman Empire mentioned. In fact, it is quite clear the antichrist comes out of the Greek empire. The antichrist comes out of the kingdom of the north. It is the Selucid Empire not the Roman Empire. The word is quite clear on this in multiple places I'm not going to go into it unless someone is interested. Please stop pushing the revived Roman Empire stuff. It is not biblical. I'm not saying they don't overlap some, but saying that were looking for the Roman Empire to be revived is misleading.

  7. It's Erdogan. It's Fana in Sufism. Its Caliphate. It's Chi Xi Stigma. It's Mahdi and Isa. Dammit people, stop pushing this garbage, you all sound like Paul Begley.