Prediction Update End Times Information Headlines – 10/ 3/18

All the indications of the last days are assembling at the exact same time. Holy bible Prophecy is taking place right prior to our eyes and also like birth discomforts, the forecasted occasions are taking place much more regularly and also much more intently. Never ever, in the background throughout the globe have many pressures, consisting of financial, clinical, techno-logic, ecologic, social, geopolitical, ethical, spiritual and also faith, assembled with each other to bring this globe that’s currently stammering over the side right into the void, to a defining moment. Jesus claimed when you see all these indications taking place, recognize that I am near, also at the door.

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  1. I am a prophesier… I hope one day humans will stop this idiotic behavior that some 'God' will appear and put right all our problems. There have been countless trillions of prayers and predictions that it will all be put right for us….wake up people…. stop all this religious nonsense and inter religion wars. Start today loving and respecting ALL the incredible plants and animals and humans on this planet. Help each other to find solutions NOW. Any deity (if there is such a being) will be very happy to see us solve our own problems and see us working together for the common good! We only have one planet which could become that 'Heaven on Earth' for the limited time we are here. Time to repair our relationship with each other and to leave the planet in great shape for generations to come. At the moment, we are all making things worse with some of us believing some being will appear to put things right for us. Humans have achieved miracles. Do not allow disputes to destroy all we have achieved!

  2. Please stop using the New living translation!! It is right up there with the NIV etc blasphemous one world order translations! Stick with the King James Bible!!..Also "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" is Important!!! Marianne Manley has a good book "Gods Secret" commentary is here on You Tube! God Bless

  3. Very well done. But allow me to make a very good suggestion. At 8:57 you have John 3:16 show up on screen. Don't stop there, go into Romans 10:9-10… The devil himself laughs when all we do is quote John 3:16 because he know simply believing won't cut it.
    Keep up the Great work.

  4. Delivering S-300s to Syria is the initial step to fulfill the "evil plan" that emerged from Pres Valdimir Putin’s mind as prophesied in Ezekiel 38:10. To the world the S-300 system can be intimidating to tiny Israel but we are told by God that He will be the one who intervenes in this war when Russia deploys its nuclear weaponry system and also leads Arab nations (e.g. Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Libya and others) against Israel.

    In Ezekiel 38:3-9, the Lord God declared Himself the “enemy” of Gog (=Russian Prince) and revealed His plan to destroy him. At a time when Israel would be at “peace” in the land, Gog and his allies (Ezekiel 38:5-6) would invade Israel with a massive army. God says it would be a trap for Gog (=Russian Prince) and his Arab allies (Ezekiel 38:16). The Bible tells us that God would meet Israel's enemies in battle – God's people (Israelis) wouldn't even have to lift a finger. God will completely destroy Israel’s enemies. Israel's enemies will not live to be around in the millennium and so is Islamism.

    Of course, God wins this war. Who can win God? God Himself prophesies the annihilation of the Russian leader, the armies of Russia and its allies in the War of Gog & Magog in Ezekiel 38-39. God tells us about their ending 2,600 years way in advance.

    From Ezekiel 39:2, we know God will destroy only five-sixth of the enemies and intentionally leaving one-sixth to return to their respective lands to let their people back home and the rest of the world know what they actually saw with their own eyes to be the supernatural intervention by the God of Israel. I believe the one-sixth will themselves be first converted and they will also convert the entire village back home. In that circumstance, the gospel, and not fake news, can be spread fast and furious by word of mouth. God's plan is just awesome!

    The Bible in Ezekiel 38&39 tells us in advance that Israel will emerge the victor in a nuclear war chiefly because of the divine hands of their God. The Bible also tells us that Russia, Iran and a few other countries will be annihilated in that nuclear war, happening soon after true believers of the Lord Jesus Christ are safely raptured into God's heavenly Kingdom.

    The Providence of God is demonstrated in the Bible. God's Providence is His divine intervention in the affairs of men to bring about His desired ends. There are so many exciting events that are happening now and that will happen to fulfill Bible prophecies. They are portents that we are on the verge of them – a marvelous work and wonder that God is going to accomplish at the appearing of His Son, Jesus Christ, from heaven.

    God knows what He wants to accomplish and He does this years in advance to get the nations to do His bidding, compelling them by circumstances to do it on their own freewill (e.g. Genesis 20:6).

    Ezekiel 38:10-12 Amplified Bible (AMP): Prophecy about Gog and Future Invasion of Israel ~
    10 ‘Thus says the Lord God, “It will come about on that day that thoughts will come into your (=Russian leader) mind, and you will devise an evil plan, 11 and you will say, ‘I will go up against an open country (=Israel); I will come against those who are at rest and peaceful, who live securely, all of them living without walls and having neither bars nor gates, 12 to take spoil (=oil & gas) and seize plunder, to turn your hand against the ruins which are now inhabited, and against the people who are gathered from the nations (=Jews' regathering), who have acquired cattle and goods, who live at the center (=navel) of the world [Israel].’

  5. I love your video format! Very nice. And I look forward to them. But I am noticing a trend…the use of heretics and blasphemers in more and more videos. Discernment is falling away. I just unsubscribed from someone else who's entire video was of a well known heretic and blasphemer. In the last days, many will and have been deceived because of not doing research on their own to determine if they are promoting heresies or not. Many prefer just to go based on hearsay. I suggest deeper research into the 'pastors' being promoted.
    Otherwise great work…looking forward to your next video. God Bless you.

  6. There is so much happening so quickly, Our Heavenly Fathers children can’t keep up with it all! We are running out of time for those still lost! On this chann can we All say prayers for them for next 24hrs? Please?? Stay in the prayer as often as you can. Please. Thank You so very much! Praise Jesus!!

  7. I hope that the Lord God Almighty intervenes soon and the Ark of the Covenant is revealed with the blood of Jesus Christ on the mercy seat as a witness to the whole world.

    I want to go home 😊

  8. You don't know what you're talkin about you're just an illusion you think you're saved only God knows who is saved and who is not and stop insulting people you're nothing but an idiot nobody is even subscribe to your Channel stop insulting people you're just think you are saved in your stupidity and idiotic mind you don't know who you talkin to

  9. Show me a certificate that says that you are saved the show it to me until then shut up and don't insult me and if the Lord said I am the alpha the Omega the beginning and the end the first and the last if you were to see him again what would he say this time until you can answer that question shut up you're not saved you have no certificates and you're not a mature adult a Christian saved forget it you are just ego tripping you poor ignorant