Have you ever before attracted Satan? Certainly we generally consider Satan as the one that is alluring us. The majority of are not conscious that they remain in fact alluring the Devil to lure them.
Are you doing it without completely understanding it? Our globe is a risk area! Lures are plentiful on every side every which way and also this video clip program is mosting likely to transform your life!!! It calls for belief to conquer Satan, the adversary in the long run time! This brief Bible training might be one of the most valuable brief lecture/ training that you have actually ever before enjoyed. This video clip will certainly reveal you exactly how to conquer in your individual spiritual war!

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  1. Good morning Pastor Mark!
    You touch on so very many points that we ourselves are quite often not aware of in terms of how we temp the devil. We often not oniy go about our daily lives oblivious to this therefore continuing our behaviours to the point where they are so deeply ingrained because we commit these acts over and over again.

  2. Pastor Mark, in addition to the close attention to your advise and warnings i had also recently begun to watch anothet video forum. I absolutely loved the content however i had feelings of doubt about the source. I pray about this ladt week or so and amazingly i happened to stumble across anoyher video callung out this persin as a false prophet. I could not believe it! I was totally shocked as i knew then that The Lord had heatd my pleas for clarity! What a wonderful being OUR Lord and Saviour truly is!!!

  3. Brother, Iv watched, maybe 2 of your video's. This one here is the Correct example of a TRUE Remnant Christian. I have been waiting and watching for a video such as this one, to pass on. This is what I do, in these LAST DAYS. Father has called me for a time such at this to warn others of pending Hell if they do not surrender to him, Mind and spirit.

  4. Amen thank you Jesus God Bless you pastor Mark
    Great teaching love thisπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

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  6. Thank you Mark! I am still really new to your channel. I started to read the bible and watching your videos helps me understand the bible more. I have a reading disability so some of the verses and wording in the bible is hard for me to understand.

  7. Thank u.ive been battling with temptation and seemed to be comming every two days..and never knew why I was failing to overcome it all …my mind.i entertained the thoughts and tempted the devil..

  8. What do you think about taking rock and roll songs and rewriting the lyrics example ACDC Highway to Hell change it to Highway to Heaven and then all the lyrics go along with it what do you think of something like that God bless you Pastor Mark with much love peace be with you

  9. Pastor Mark you came up a little short on this video did not teach Mammon Jesus said you cannot serve God or Mammon not money Mammon Mammon means anything not of God it can be you're too into cars or fishing or hunting or Hobbies if you do it all the time it's unrighteous Mammon and now sports is sin God sees idolizing going to games is the equivalent of going to mass and worshipping man-made Sports guess that's it for now God bless you Pastor Mark with much love peace be with you

  10. I was very very addicted to porn n fornication buh since I gave my life to Jesus I haven't opened a single porn site…I haven't drank alcohol which I used to love…I haven't talked in anger or felt angry at a particular reason….I juz feel calm n so much at peace with myself, I give God d praise, I thank Jesus daily for rescuing me from ETERNAL death….now I can face any persecution or life tribulation knowing at d back of my mind that iv got Jesus….Thank u Jesus, I love u…

  11. Yes 😊 We all have guardian angels. And I have had physical contact with mine.
    I should have been dead before turning 20 year old.
    My guardian angel saved my life three times.
    Absolutely amazing experience.
    I will never forget it.