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Amen. Well … It’s been a really extreme day. Tonight, Ezekiel became part of an extremely agonizing pythonic experience with the Lord. He saw Jesus in misery on the Cross and also a Roto-rooter blade was showing up with the core of the Lord’s Body and also tearing the flesh from within Him. The Lord was throwing up flesh and also blood. While this was taking place, Ezekiel remained in remarkable woe– simply howling. And also was experiencing the similar type of discomfort, in outright misery. The Lord’s mommy went to the foot of the Cross howling, ‘My Son, my Son, what have they done to you? Please quit harming my child.’ Jesus started … “Ezekiel was considered that name, since his life and also sufferings are a representation of My Body and also I am calling Her to account. If I were to find currently, several would certainly not be taken, since they protest Me– maltreating the participants of My Body, executing, tearing it arm or leg from arm or leg, disemboweling, puncturing My heart over and also over once again with their judgments.” “It is as the prophet stated: I offered him a desire regarding signboards on the freeway. Each signboard had a mangled component of a body. A smashed foot, an imperfect and also bleeding hands, and also fingers torn, legs cut from the Body. And also each signboard was symbolic of what My Body has actually been doing to itself for a long time.” “Clare, what he saw and also experienced is what I am completing My Body. It is unwell, unwell, unwell with the cancer cells of Calumny, Jealousy, Fear coming from lack of knowledge, Backbiting, striking with evil claw Division, Avarice, Stealing from the inadequate and also Greed. My Body is really, really unwell, also unto fatality.” “Nevertheless, I have to recover it– however I desire you to speak up plainly regarding these concerns that are tearing Me apart. You have actually not been obtaining that tune for no factor in any way. The discuss you has actually gotten to legendary percentages and also I am unwell unto fatality over not just you, however My various other devoted slaves that are struggling with apparently devoted, fully grown, strong Christians that are tearing My Body asunder.” “My Brides, if you are spreading out negative thoughts and also evaluating My slaves … In truth, if you are evaluating ANYONE– you remain in wrong. Your hands are discolored with blood, your wedding event dress is likewise smeared with blood. You will certainly not, will certainly not, WILL NOT be absorbed the Rapture if you do not change your methods! Quit gossiping, quit evaluating, harming, ruining ministries you do not comprehend, that are birthing the large fruit of redemption and also benediction.” “You are treacherous, My Bride, and also I will certainly not have you in paradise with Me till you tidy up your life. I can not. Paradise is a location of love; you would certainly be driven away instantly if you attempted to get in Heaven in this manner. Yet sufficient. It is time for you to alter.” (Clare) Then I resolved the Lord on some points that are troubling me. I stated … ‘Lord, I am puzzled. You have actually revealed me that you do not desire me discussing the wrongs of the Deep State, yet there needs to be reform. You’ve asked us to hope, and also You have actually exposed their wrongs in an earlier message. Yet you do not desire me taking a look at the media and also adhering to the development of this beast boiling down. Truly, I am astonished by this.’ (Jesus) “Fresh water is not bitter neither salted. This is the off-scouring of the globe and also when you emphasize such points, you end up being infected by perspectives and also point of views. When you slam, locate mistake and also regret– hanging it out for the general public to analyze– you are advertising judgment and also negative thoughts.” “That is not to state that some individuals are contacted us to do this task, like courts, police and also those that establish such points. And also it is a regrettable point that needs to be done. The cancers cells of culture have to be eliminated. When I return, you will certainly still be handling those that favor wrong to morality and also sincerity. Consequently, a lot of you will certainly be courts and also contacted us to make decisions versus the guilty.”.

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