The U.S., Israel and the Regional Dimensions of an Iran Nuclear Offer
Reaching an arrangement on Iran’s nuclear program that ensures Iran will not obtain a nuclear weapon has been a top concern on President Obama’s foreign policy agenda. Regardless of deep and routine consultations with the Israeli government on this continuous diplomatic effort, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has regularly challenged any agreement that leaves any Iranian nuclear program in place.

Sign up with New America as we unite Shlomo Brom, Suzanne DiMaggio, Matthew Duss, and Ilan Goldenberg for a discussion on regional security dimensions of a nuclear deal, the level of U.S.-Israel cooperation on the Iran issue, Israel’s interest in the present settlements, and whether and how those issues can be completely addressed in any detailed offer between Iran and the U.S. and its partners.

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Shlomo Brom
Visting Fellow, Center for American Progress Former Israeli Defense Forces Brigadier General

Suzanne DiMaggio
Senior Fellow and Director of the Iran Effort, New America @suzannedimaggio

Ilan Goldenberg
Senior Fellow and Middle East Security Program Director, Center for a Brand-new American Security Former Chief of Personnel to the Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Settlements @ilangoldenberg

Matthew Duss President, Foundation for Middle East Peace @MattDuss

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