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2-11-14 Hummingbird027’s Updates on End-Time and Prophetic News

New video: Psalms 83 – The Damage of Edom and Tyre –
Has Individualism Become A Risk To The Church? –
The Confusion of Egypt – Isaiah 19 and the Dams –
360 Day Year and the Binary Star Twin Coming – – Man-Child, Satan’s Final Fall, and the incoming Binary Star System part 1 of 5 – Zephaniah– Last call to repent and be concealed before the Day of the Lord
Gog-Magog and the Intrusion of Israel –– Isaiah 17 & Psalms 83 Countdown – The Residue Bride-to-be – Reality behind the Black Stone, Muhammad & Kaaba– First Built by Asa ‘d Abu Karb – Strait is the Gate and Narrow is the Method – Sanctification is a Process – The Three Raptures or Harvests of Souls – The Bema Judgment Seat of Christ – Distinction between the Laodicean and Philadelphian Church pt1 – Baptism of fire– Mark of the Beast, Anti-Soul Vaccinations, and Your Redemption– Annunaki, Satan’s Seedline, and the Alien Deception– For Those Whom are Left Behind pt1– The Blood of Christ, 24 Chromosomes, and Jachin and Boaz pt1– The Factor’s I Think in the Rapture pt1 – The Manchild pt 1

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