Exactly how Close Are We To The Gog/Magog Battle?

With a lot occurring with Iran and also their obtaining Nukes, I felt it was necessay making this video clip. The Gog/Magog battle is simply nearby. source

Prophecy Haggai and rebuilding of the Temple

Haggai was one of the TWELVE minor prophets and the author of the Book of Haggai. His name means “my feast”.

The Pyramid Link with the New Jerusalem?

FREE DOWNLOAD PLEASE SHARE APPROVE JESUS AS RESCUER TODAY ~! For even more information see http://www.watchmanbiblestudy.com/biblestudies/Definitions/NewJerusalem.htm http://www.davidjayjordan.com/NewJerusalemisaCrustalPyramid.htmlhttp://www.biblebelievers.org.au/great.htm Not all sites worrying this topic are legitimate, please referral your Scriptures BEFORE counting on any kind of web site. source

The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ

If evolution is true, will the world end at some point in time? source

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

This is a movie that explains and shows events that lead up to Jesus’ coming as well as the coming itself. This movie was produced by Pastor Doug B. source

The Adversity 2017 – 23 rd September – WONDERFUL Check In The Paradises – Discovery 12 Analyzed

Precious Reducing Side Customers and also Good Friends, Simply to clear up (I DO NOT DIRECTLY THINK THAT REV 12 IS A MID TRIB OCCASION RATHER RATHER AT THE STARTING OF THE TRIB) I include this sight factor nonetheless to share others ideas and also point of views. Over the previous couple of weeks I […]

The End of Day : Second Coming of Jesus Christ : Global Earthquake

The END of DAYS. The second Coming of CHRIST. Allah the false GOD of the quran will lie and deceive many. The Mahdi will appear and try to force everyone to believe in Allah the false god of the Quran. source

Will The ADVERSITY BEGINNING RIGHT HERE? – Sept 23 rd 2017 Discovery 12 Satisfied

Precious Reducing Side Clients and also Good Friends, Hey There and also God Bless you all. Over the previous couple of weeks I have actually been investigating a MAJOR indicator that shows up on the 23 rd of September 2017 which is additionally the Banquet of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah or additionally referred to as […]

1 Peter: A Verse By Verse Bible Study

http://www.excatholicsforchrist.com/articles.php?PageURL=1peter.htm James’ third series of videos looks at Peter’s first epistle and also deals with Hell, papal “successions,” dispensationalism, UFOs, demons and many other interesting topics.

The Tribulation/Great Adversity (Discovery 6 – 18)

www.humblehorse.net soundcloud.com/humblehorse/sets humblehorse.bandcamp.com source