Jonathan Cahn: The Standard

Gary Stearman as well as Jonathan Cahn review his brand-new publication, The Standard: The Old Plan That Holds the Secret of Our Times. Does an old plan exist that indicate a contemporary Ahab as well as Jezebel? Obtain the entire Standard message, Guide of Mysteries 365- day Religious as well as 2 FREE DVDs, Jonathan’s […]


GUYS IN BLACK? Velocity Radio! 4-11-17 * Massacre in Egypt … * The Rocket Strike in Syria – Was it warranted? * North Korea? Are you joke me!!!! * Just what is the Reality? * Just what takes place AFTER they turn up. * GUYS IN BLACK? Experience … High Unfamiliarity … source

Holy Bible Forecasts Damascus Damage

Damascus, Syria is the earliest continuously lived in city worldwide. The bible forecasts that this 5000 year old city will certainly end up being a ‘crippling load.’ Today we see Syria’s present federal government run by Assad matched against difficult core Islamaists moneyed and also strengthened by the Obama management. Presently Damascus is the home […]

Ezekiel 38- The Gog Magog battle- that is Magog as well as her allies?- scriptures revelation

Guide of Ezekiel was created in between 593 as well as 565 B.C. throughout the Babylonian bondage of the Jews. Below in Ezekiel phase 38 we have a prediction of a battle versus Israel from a nation called magog as well as her allies. Just how could this be? Israel was spread as a country […]

DISCOVERY– Knowledgeable by Knowledgeable– Phase 5:1-14– Worthwhile is the Lamb

DISCOVERY– Knowledgeable by Knowledgeable– Phase 5:1-14– Worthwhile is the Lamb A Security Guard Record: Discover the Scriptures in 24 Hrs with Dr. Chuck Missler– Session 4 of24 Join us with Session 4 of our upgraded as well as totally remastered variation of ‘Find out the Scriptures in 24 Hrs’ with Dr Chuck Missler! You will […]

“THE DAYS OF NOAH” Last Day Caution!!! (Specific Scenes + language) Truthshocktv

This is an excellent video clip from Fact shock television describing the resemblances in between our day which of Noah’s … Many individuals are Commonly as well sidetracked with job, institution, and also partnerships to relax and also discover just how worthless the moments are … This is A NECESSITY SEE!!! obama,666, leader777, secret cultures, […]

Discovery 12 – The 144,000 Jews and also the Great Adversity – Sept 23, 2017 Indication from Paradise

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DISCOVERY– Knowledgeable by Knowledgeable– Phase 7:1-17– From Adversity to Festivity

Have you ever before attempted to review guide of Discovery? A great deal of individuals begin checking out the scriptures and also miss throughout to discover just what takes place. If you have no idea just what you read, this could be truly frightening. There are a great deal of publications and also discourses discussed […]


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The Seven Seals, the Book of Revelation and the Donald Trump Prophecies

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The Tribulation/Great Adversity (Discovery 6 – 18) source