In this research study, “The Testimony of the Tribulation Temple”, Priest Bunjee Garrett leads us via a knowledgeable by knowledgeable training that reveals us exactly how the Adversity Holy place will certainly be A Testament of the Lord’s Prominence, A Testament of the Lord’s Divine superintendence, and also A Testament of the Lord’s Persistence. source

Is Love Every little thing? – “Jeremy Brooks” – Complete Free Radical Flick!!

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Mid-East Prediction Update– April 8th, 2018

Priest J.D. speaks about the damaging information of a gas strike in Syria.– Those wanting to offer to Calvary Church Kaneohe, please see source

Go back to the Lord– Mark 16:1-14; Rebirth Sunday Lecture– April 1st, 2018

Explanatory training with the Holy bible at Calvary Church in Kaneohe Hawaii with priest JD Farag.– Those wanting to offer to Calvary Church Kaneohe, please see source

1000 Year Power

One major perspective concerning the thousand year regime is that life in the world has actually been damaged. THE SCRIPTURES IS THE MARK OF THE MONSTER Constantine (First) monster put together 50 scriptures, legislated Christianity and also established the incorrect prophet (pope). King James (Second) monster, birthed 6/1566, Sixth of Scotland, accredited a holy bible […]

Anita Baker Rapture of Love Cover “Sanders 3”

My stunning better half Martina, vocal singing Captured up in the Rapture of Love. And also showcasing our child Micah holding back the bass.( Im still obtaining my Joe Jackson on with him.;–RRB-. source

The Parable of The Fig Tree – Component 2

When Jesus Christ showed words, He not just talked it, He likewise repainted it right into the minds of His audiences with lively, loved one pictures called “parables.” This allegorical technique of training was a remarkable means to interact to the human heart and also mind God’s deep, everlasting realities. WNV617 – Parables of Jesus […]

Mid-East Prediction Update– March 11 th, 2018

Priest J.D. addresses the inquiry of why gratification of revelation is currently relocating so quickly.– Those wanting to provide to Calvary Church Kaneohe, please check out source

Christian Mistreatment Worldwide (

Video Clip for Do not hesitate to share. My purpose for placing this video clip with each other is to ensure that Christians might understand the mistreatment affecting their bros as well as sis that do not share the very same freedoms. Please wish those being maltreated. Most likely to to find out […]

Mid-East Revelation Update– February 25 th, 2018

Priest J.D. speaks about the risks of a full blast battle in between Iran, Russia as well as Israel by means of Syria.– Those wanting to provide to Calvary Church Kaneohe, please see source

The King of the North – The AntiChrist – Daniel 11: 21-45 – Daniel 11: 21-45 supplies us with one more angle where to see this future Monster, the AntiChrist. The worth of this flow is that is limits, much more, the geographical area where his realm will certainly emerge. The AntiChrist will certainly NOT originate from the Roman Realm, however from the Seleucid Realm Area, […]

Mid-East Prediction Update– January 21 st, 2018

Priest J.D. discusses exactly how God is functioning all the problem suggested for wickedness, completely worldwide today.– Those wanting to offer to Calvary Church Kaneohe, please go to source