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Moon eclipse QURAN ISLAM 75. Surah Al-Qiyamah
Moon eclipse QURAN MUSLIM

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This video will look at the Islamic version of the myth regarding the lost tribes of Gog & Magog.
The story is mentioned twice in the Quran and also in the authentic hadiths… I will attempt to take a look at what these sources tell us about this story and whether it makes sense when we crunch the numbers and analyse what we find.

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Sources for the video…

Authentic hadith where Mohamed says the emergence of Gog and Magog is one of the signs just before Judgement Day.

Gog & Magog being mentioned as numerous in Bible’s Book of Revelation.

Hadith stating Gog & Magog will drink all water in Sea of Galilee

Hadith stating 999 out of every 1000 humans will go to hell and that Gog and Magog account for 999 out of every 1000 who are destined to hell.

Information on world population now, and all-time…

Yasir Qadhi full video on Gog and Magog

Another Islamic video on Gog & Magog

Authentic hadith on Gog & Magog digging every day until they say “Insha’Allah” when God decides to finally let them break free

Narration (not authentic) on shapes of Gog & Magog

Muslim giving a lecture to others about Gog & Magog mentioning the big ears.

Tabari’s History describing Noah’s descendants in racist fashion
Volume 2, page 21

Hadith where Mohamed has a nightmare about Gog & Magog and says their release could be soon and that they have already dug a hole through their barrier

Hadith stating that Gog & Magog’s primitive weapons will be used as firewood for seven years by the Muslims indicating Mohamed didn’t know how people would generate heat and light in the future.

I didn’t mention this in the video but interesting nonetheless…
George W Bush apparently cited Gog & Magog prophecy as a reason to invade Iraq when attempting to convince French President Jacques Chirac

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The lost tribes of Gog & Magog in IslamThe lost tribes of Gog & Magog in IslamThe lost tribes of Gog & Magog in IslamThe lost tribes of Gog & Magog in Islam