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Germany: Crucial to win Russia as a negotiating partner in Syria – Gabriel
German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel mentioned that a political process in Syria can be reached in Geneva led by the UN and with the assistance of Russia, throughout a press conference at the G20 foreign ministers summit in Bonn, on Friday.

SOT, Sigmar Gabriel, German Foreign Minister (German): “The program in Damascus will not be major, about having major negotiations and this is why it is so important for us to win Russia as a major negotiating partner to exert some pressure on the leadership and the process that will ideally be resumed in Geneva needs to be based upon a sound international structure. It has actually ended up being clear that all of those who have actually come together are seeking a political option, without a political service, we will not succeed, which political solution can be attained in Geneva under the auspices of the United Nations which there can not be any parallel settlements, we were clear on that. That has actually been our common objective, as we defined it today the course before us is going to be a lengthy one. But even those who are beginners in this group were really devoted as was our American counterpart, he took part in the dispute, in an extremely dedicated way and I believe we have actually prepared the ground well for Geneva. We also consented to continue to fulfill frequently in this format.”

SOT, Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Foreign Minister (French): “On the other hand we are asking Russia and Iran obviously to make sure that the program stops considering that the entire opposition are terrorists, due to the fact that if the entire opposition is considered as terrorists in Geneva there will be no discussion, because on the one side we will have the program delegation and after that on the other side the opposition and in the program’s eyes they are all terrorists. So if Iran and Russia are likewise convinced that there is no other future for Syria then a political transition then we need to make sure that both celebrations go over and work out for a political shift in a genuine method.”

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Stem cell research is still very controversial, so why do we want to use stem cells in the first place? Why are they so useful, and what can they do?

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Researchers Grow Tiny Beating Human Hearts From Stem Cells
“Stem cells, the jack-of-all-trades building blocks of human tissues, have yet another application in biology research: scientists have been able to grow them into beating cardiac tissue.”

Key Moments in the Stem-Cell Debate
“The first embryonic stem cells were isolated in mice in 1981. But it wasn’t until 1998 that researchers managed to derive stem cells from human embryos. That kicked into full gear an ethical debate that continues to this day.”

Stem cell timeline: The history of a medical sensation
“Stem cells are the cellular putty from which all tissues of the body are made. Ever since human embryonic stem cells were first grown in the lab, researchers have dreamed of using them to repair damaged tissue or create new organs, but such medical uses have also attracted controversy.”

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Why Are Stem Cells So Important?Why Are Stem Cells So Important?Why Are Stem Cells So Important?Why Are Stem Cells So Important?