1 Chronicles 1-9

Expositional teaching through the Bible at Calvary Chapel in Kaneohe Hawaii with pastor JD Farag.

The Prodigal Son & Joshua and the Battle of Jericho – Beginners Bible

Subscribe our channel – The Beginners Bible: http://bit.ly/1MeurZH The Prodigal Son: Jesus tells the story of a father whose willful son refuses to work on the family farm, but goes off instead to see the world. Joshua and the Battle of Jericho: Embark on a thrilling journey with the tribes of Israel as they travel […]

“Bad News & Good News”– Galatians 3:6-29

In a mentor entitled, “Bad News & Good News” from Galatians 3:6-29, Priest J.D. clarifies why it is that there’s absolutely nothing you or I could do to value God’s love, neither could we do anything for Him to like us even more. source

“The Baptism with the Holy Spirit”– Galatians 3:1 -5

In a mentor entitled, “The Baptism with the Holy Spirit,” from Galatians 3:1 -5, priest J.D. reviews this contentiously discussed teaching with the hopes of improving the complication bordering it. source

Nehemiah 1-2

Explanatory training with the Holy bible at Calvary Church in Kaneohe Hawaii with priest JD Farag. source

“The Only Answer is Jesus”– Galatians 2: 15-21

In a mentor labelled, “The Only Answer is Jesus,” from Galatians 2: 15-21, priest J.D. discusses that if Jesus is the only solution to our greatest trouble of wrong and also fatality, so as well will certainly Jesus be the only solution to all the troubles we encounter in our day-to-days live. source

“How to Solve Problems” Component 2– Galatians 2:6-12

Partially 2 of a mentor entitled, “How to Solve Problems,” from Galatians 2:6-12, priest J.D. speak about the significance of strongly talking words of God. source

“Jesus Only” Component 2– Galatians 1: 10-12

Partially 2 of a mentor labelled, “Jesus Only,” from Galatians 1: 10-12, priest J.D. clarifies just how being afraid male triggers us to fall under the catch of being a “man-pleaser” rather than a“God-pleaser.” source

Ezra 1

Explanatory training with the Scriptures at Calvary Church in Kaneohe Hawaii with priest JD Farag. source

“Jesus Only” Component 1– Galatians 1:1 -9

Partially among a mentor labelled, “Jesus Only,” from Galatians 1:1 -9, priest J.D. asks 2 inquiries worrying that the authority remains in our lives, as well as that we are being affected by. source

“The Peace From Prayer,” Philippians 4:6 -8

Priest J.D. does a topical training from Philippians 4:6 -8 concerning the tranquility that will certainly change concern and also worry through petition and also God’s Word. source

“What True Love Is and Does,” Component 1 – 2 Corinthians 13:1 -3

Partly among a mentor entitled, “What True Love Is and Does,” from 2 Corinthians 13:1 -3, priest J.D. speak about among one of the most rejected and also disobeyed realities in all the Holy bible. source