A Pre-Trib Rapture In Discovery 12?

Yet one more message of bible which damages the post-trib setting! source

God’s Endgame – Session 21: The Very Early Church Millennialists

To provide reputation to their certain eschatology, premillennialists usually describe the mentors of the very early church daddies, several of which established an instead durable kind of millennialism. A lot of these very early theologians either understood John or understood individuals that had call with John when he created guide of Discovery. Their sights have […]

Can we witness the restoring of the Third Jewish holy place?

Head Of State Donald Trump have actually established several of one of the most impressive structure tasks in His job. Restoring the 3rd Holy Place, would certainly be his most enthusiastic task without a doubt. # 6 QUICK REALITIES: 1. In 1967 Israel took control of the Holy place Mount in battle (06-07-67). 2. In […]

Daniel Chapter 8 – Bible Prophecy of the Ram, the Goat & the Little Horn

In Daniel chapter 8 the prophet records the vision given him by God about the goat, the ram and the Antichrist-the Little Horn-that blasphemes God and persecutes his saints and defiles the Temple! We answer the question “Is the Little Horn a religious or political leader?” Also predicted are the rise of three kingdoms(Persia, Greece […]

“Biblical Prophet Daniel” Full Movie HD 2014 AD

“Biblical Prophet Daniel” Full Movie HD 2014 AD (I believe the below account came from Church of God, but I’m not positive) The biblical account of Daniel the prophet begins as he and other young men from Judah were taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Daniel 1:1-4) in approximately 604 B.C. This captivity of […]

Book of Daniel part 1of 2 Chuck Missler

Book of Daniel teaching Part 1 Click below for Part 2

Daniel 8:12—A Dual Prophecy

Something is dreadfully wrong with America today. To understand why, look no further than God’s own church. Nearly 30 years ago, a dark spiritual force overthrew this church from within. A prophecy in the biblical book of Daniel foretold the same outcome in America. America is now suffering a crippling attack on its spiritual values. […]

Bible Prophecy – Daniel 7: The Little Horn

This video explores one of the great prophecies in the entire Bible. In Daniel chapter 7 God gives to the prophet Daniel a dream or vision at night of four great beasts that arise from the sea, which is perhaps symbolic of the Mediterranean World. These fierce beasts represent four kingdoms that would rise to […]

Bible Prophecy – Daniel 10: Michael the Archangel

This is the prophet Daniel’s final vision which is a fuller unfolding of chapter 8. It is a vision of great warfare! The conflict between Christ and Satan is stupendous! In this vision the curtain is pulled aside to allow for a glimpse of the happenings in the spiritual world against the backdrop of historical […]

Bible Prophecy Where Are We Today { End Time Bible Prophecy}

Bible Prophecy Where Are We Today The Rapture,The Abomination Of Desolation, Daniel’s seventieth week A FREE Screen Saver of this Video can be Downloaded @ http://www.filejumbo.com/Download/8912D1909FBE2C33 Will The Great Tribulation Be Seven Years? The Two Witnesses Of Revelation The Book Of Revelation, Matthew 24, Daniel Chapters 7,8,9,10,11,12 Bible Questions, Antichrist, The Great Tribulation, The Two […]

Daniel’s vision of the ram, the he-goat, and the little horn.

Some Bible prophecies cut across more than one time period, even when those events are separated by thousands of years. Daniel 8 is a case in point. It tells of the little horn first appearing on the scene of history back in the Greek era. Then it and goes on to talk about the little […]

Daniel 11 – King of the North – Component 3 – The Burglars of Thy Individuals (11 A knowledgeable 13 to 16)

Proceeded research study right into the Kings of the North as well as South, making use of the Repeat as well as Increase the size of Concept offered to us throughout guide of Daniel. source