Gary’s Discourse on the Doubters

Gary Stearman resolves the doubters that state researching Scriptures revelation takes the emphasis of truth function of Christianity. Home source

Israel’s Scriptural Right to the Land

William Koenig, writer of “Eye to Eye,” shares with us just how the bulk of Christians do not recognize the Scriptural relevance of Israel as well as the right they have to their. SEE THE COMPLETE PROGRAM ONLINE: —————————————- – —————————————– ————————— . Quotes as well as Bibles from the program:. In the past, […]

Israel, Syria & The Scriptures ~ 6,000 Years of Background (Component 2 of 12)

Syria remains in the center of an interior battle. Not unusual, the celebrations entailed have actually introduced their intent to clean Israel off the map. Just what does the Scriptures have to state regarding this? source