New Jerusalem I New Testimony Stories I Computer animated Kid’s Scriptures Stories

New Jerusalem is a computer animated youngsters’s Scriptures tale of Jerusalem being revitalized as the City of God. This was seen by John that was directed by God. Old Holy informs children computer animated Holy Stories from The Scriptures. The Divine Stories: Scriptures Stories is the network that could show your youngsters concerning all Christian […]

Zechariah’s Benedictus: His Name is John

For nine months Zechariah is kept speechless by the Lord for doubting God. But when he obeyed the Lord and named his son John, his tongue was loosed in a song of praise that is the most powerful Messianic prophecy in the Gospels, praising God for salvation, and his son John who will play a […]

HOW2: Ways To Make it through a Twister!

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The Book of Job

Please consider supporting my work through Patreon here: This is bully porn. Why do bad things happen to good people? Well, we’re actually made privy of God’s “mysterious” reason in this particular case, and we find out that it isn’t so mysterious after all. Historically, Job has been revered as a great work of […]

# 3 The New Jerusalem, Discovery 21+22, Photo New Paradise Planet, John’s vision, What Paradise resembles

* Enjoy in HD *(720 p) Variation 3 of 4. A representation of New Jerusalem, the Holy City, as explained in the Scriptures publication of Discovery phases 21,22 ★ Follow me on Facebook - ★ Follow me on Twitter - ★ Browse through my Web Site - Copyright 2011 All Legal Rights Reserved-John8thirtytwo Posting, Canada […]