Social Depravity

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Benny Hinn False Prophecies – Homosexuals, Castro, Look of Jesus

3 incorrect predictions by Benny Hinn that never ever happened, confirming he is an incorrect prophet as well as we must not pay attention to him. Matthew 7: 15-2315 “Keep an eye out for incorrect prophets. They pertain to you in lamb’s garments, yet inwardly they are relentless wolves. 16 By their fruit you will […]

Homosexuality is a plague – Last Revelation Evangel 20151108 solution

This preaching SHOWS from both scientific research as well as the Scriptures that homosexuality ought to not be endured in a nation. source

Homosexuality is the Church – Holy Bible Prediction current

“You have no clue on what persecution really is unless you walk the path of a prophet! My humiliation is your gain if you heed the call!” n-The Prophet source

5 Scriptures About HOMOSEXUALITY | Does God Approve of GAYS?

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to accept same-sex marriage across all 50 states in the United States, I decided to make this video to clear up a few things. Some of those include what the Bible has to say about homosexuality and marriage. I include passes from both the Old and New Testament. ➤My Merch: […]

Holy bible Revelation current! Homosexual, Islam, 666 & NWO Program done in the past 24 hrs!

Damaging Scriptures Revelation Information for 06.0413 To understand exactly what it implies to be Birthed Once Again as well as Baptized in the Holy Spirit as well as with Fire most likely to: God honor you as well as THANKS for paying attention! In Jesus name, Amen! **** PLEASE NOTE: As proprietor of […]

Homosexuality in the Last Days

Much More: source

Homosexuality in the Holy bible|Revelation Update

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