The first Russian-UK Strategic Dialogue meeting was held on Wednesday, with Russian and British foreign and defense ministers taking part in the talks.

Russian and British Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and William Hague met in London with the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and the British Defense Secretary William Hammond, after lunch in Lancaster House.

During a press conference, Lavrov said that plans to arm the Syrian rebels would violate international law, citing Libya, where anti-Gaddafi forces received arms despite an embargo on the country.

Hague said Russia and the UK share a common approach that Syrian peace should be built on the basis of the Geneva communiqué and expressed hope that Syrian opposition leader al-Khatib will visit Moscow for talks.

The defense ministers commented on supply contracts with Syria. Shoigu stressed that Russia is not planning to broaden the military non-offensive supply to Syria beyond the agreements already reached. Hammond said the UK is currently sending only non-lethal supplies to Syrian rebels, while not ruling out other actions in the future, but keeping within international law.


Russia-UK talks in London on SyriaRussia-UK talks in London on SyriaRussia-UK talks in London on SyriaRussia-UK talks in London on Syria