Rachel Maddow Blaming Russia for Brock/Clinton Sabotage of Sanders Social network, New low
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Maddow is unhinged. Last Spring, Correct the Record, Clinton’s Media HIT GUY (which was collaborating directly with Hillary Clinton’s project) REVEALED they were going to target Sanders Social network groups. IMMEDIATELY after this announcement, Bernie Sanders groups were overwhelmed with trolls, shut down, and messed up. Now, Rachel Maddow is aiming to finger Russia for these Brock owned attacks in one of her most shameless propaganda pieces yet. She has to be taken off air:
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Here is the Actual time Report I Did Last Spring After BROCK/CLINTON operatives infiltrated Bernie Sanders for President, among groups I administer consisting of story about Kid Porn Planting:

Announcements of Brock Struck were Reported ALL OVER, our Bernie Sanders social networks saw attacks RIGHT after this statement:

LA Times Story which verifies DIRECT coordination between Brock/Clinton Project:
Little History on Brock as the SLEAZE KING of Washington:

Bernie Sanders Aide DENOUNCES Brock:
Comey Validates CORE Basis for Russia Election Interference NOT TRUE:
Corporate Media’s 2 Billion Dollar Free Trump Project:

Donna Brazille Lastly Admits She helped Clinton Cheat Disputes:

On the Armed force Escalation Tempting War with Russia:
Israel Fires Into Syria, Threatens to get Air Defense Systems:
Isreal Validation for Armed force Attack on Syria is Propaganda:
Joints Chief of Staff Warns No Fly Zones in Syria, Complete Out War with Russia:
John McCain States Russia Commits Act of War:

Schaheen States Russia May have actually Committed Act of War:

DEMOCRAT Hastings Presents Iran Preemptive War Resolution
A lot more on Russia Story:

On ELEVATING Threat of Trump with Russia Method, Changing Flynn:

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