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The Banquet of Trumpets (Leviticus 23: 23) [INTRODUCTION]

Thanks for enjoying! The Banquet of Trumpets ( Leviticus 23: 23). ~ INTRO TO THE SCRIPTURES RESEARCH. This video clip is an intro for a four-part Scriptures research. In this Scriptures research, we take into consideration with each other exactly what the Scriptures are disclosing regarding the topic as well as just how it relates […]

Will there be fatality throughout the 1,000 year power of Christ?, pt. 1

Do individuals pass away throughout the earthly kingdom of Christ, as well as if so, why? source

Eschatology the Research of End Times Component 1

Component 1. Intro Dispensationalist as well as Development. This collection will certainly go over on exactly what sight does the Holy bible instructs on completion Times. Is it Partial Preterist or Premillenial/Furturist sight. source

A Day in the life or a Thousand year millennium

A day in the life of the Lord or a Thousand years as a millennium in the life of guy. Exists an actual 1,000 power of Christ in the future? source Revelation/Daniel Plan, Discovery 12, Return of Christ, Rapture

This video clip is to come with the graphes and also composed words located at His Facility site on this web page: source

Is the rapture real or incorrect? Does the Holy bible discuss a rapture?|UNLEARN

The rapture concept has actually come to be incredibly popular amongst Christians, yet appeal is not just what figures out audio teaching. Our teaching has to constantly originate from words of God alone and also not the creative imaginations of guys. The Holy bible is our resource for reality and also teaching, so we have […]

The 1,000 Year Regime

Robert Harkrider as well as David Banning go over the teaching of Premillennialism source

So, I Got Married

Much to everyone’s surprise, including my own, God gave me a wife to share the remainder of my life with. We are of one mind and one heart. My only question is: Where has she been for so long? 🙂 My friend Elder Barney Johnson officiated and the wedding occurred on September 23, 2017 at […]

God’s Endgame – Session 5– Component 1: A Graph of God’s Endgame

Numerous trainees of the Scriptures discover that graphes are valuable in imagining God’s prepare for the future. In this session, I will certainly develop a graph by laying out the significant occasions of the Scriptures– previous, existing and also future. In the following pair of sessions, I will certainly describe exactly how the various sights […]

122114 – AM – Leaving the Thousand Year Power

In this lesson we ended our research of Premillennialism by checking out the idea that Jesus will certainly rule a thousand years in the world. source