Jack Van Impe– In Love with Jesus Return?
Jack Van Impe Presents of May 16th 2015. Today Rexella and Jack speak about: Egyptian President says that Muslim Brotherhood is Godfather of Global Terrorism. 200 Nigerian churches ruined in violence. ISIS to Islamic brothers in America “Kill”.

Christian you have to watch this video.

If you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you, then today is the day of Salvation. It’s as easy as your ABC’s to know if you are saved

A. Admit you are a sinner, everyone have sinned and fallen short. Admit your sin to God and Repent.
B. Believe that God sent His Son Jesus to spend for your sin, a rate you can not pay, that Jesus died and increased once again triumphant, defeating death and the grave as well as now stands at Gods best hand. His blood covering will clean you prior to God.
C. Contact Jesus Holy Name. Ask Jesus into your heart to be your Saviour. Confess with your mouth, think in your heart, and you will be saved.

Salvation can not be lost …

It can not be lost, you would have to state the Grace of God insufficient.

Or discover the Grace of Jesus Christ defective.
Or get Christ to take back His Righteousness.
Or have actually the pardon removed from your sin.

You can not lose your salvation, as God would need to take back His pardon, You would have to be aborted and gotten rid of from the family of God, by God given that you were born once again as Jesus informed Nicodemus you must to be born once again.

If you are conserved then absolutely nothing can take you from the hand of God, nothing can eliminate the redemption and righteousness that God has actually provided to you.

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