Israel – Christopher In Israel/Syria Mediation
US Secretary of State Warren Christopher attempted to put an end on
Wednesday (7/12) to a war of words in between Israel and Syria and
place the search for peace back on the diplomatic rails.
Christopher, who had satisfied the Syrian President on Wednesday finished his diplomatic rounds with a meeting in Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Later on Rabin kept in mind an enhancement in the “tone” with Syria.,



exterior prime minister’s office.
christopher out of cars and truck and in.
christopher along passage.
authorities seated at table, handshake, and rabin and christopher.
rabin and christopher leaving structure, to microphones.
engsot rabin says he was informed by christopher on his check out to.
damascus, and impressions that we can overcome particular.
difficulties in the future.
natsot christopher states he will be fulfilling arafat later in gaza,.
and he refers to the security problem.
( on his syrian check out) christopher says there is a seriousness of.
function between the syrians and israelis on outstanding problems,.
and the space is being narrowed.

3.00 ends.

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