If Syria, Russia, Iran and Pakistan stand strongly by each other’s …
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Discussion on A9TV dated August 19th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: I have another request from the Turkish federal government; we must restore our relations with Syria and make it stronger than even before. The British deep state has recognized that it will never have the ability to divide Syria; it attempted and failed. Turkey should deal the next heavy blow to the British deep state and presume a leading function in the establishment of the new federal government in Syria.

GOKALP BARLAN: In order to divide Syria, the British deep state owned a wedge in between Turkey and Russia, separated Russia, and even attempted to lead Russia to a cost-effective collapse. You stated this before.

ADNAN OKTAR: Russia, Turkey and Iran ought to stand strongly by each other. The federal government should not think twice about this. Likewise, Pakistan. Simply puts, they must settle this concern through a secret or open arrangement.

Putin is a brave, capable guy. Mr. Erdoğa need to rely on in the Russian people and federal government. They are sincere individuals. Of course, they have their mistakes, deficiencies, faults and misbehaviours. But in general, they are not treacherous like the British deep state. Iran is an honest nation; Iranians are pure-hearted people. Pakistan is rather under the sway of the British deep state, but if they act in alliance with Iran, Russia and Turkey, they will reduce the effects of the British deep state’s influence over them.


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