♛ Repent now to have your sins forgiven, so that you may inherit Eternal Life in heaven where you will be very happy every single day of your life, aka “The Reward to the Fullest Extent!” Anyone can receive God’s Free Gift of Eternal Life, all sin’s can be washed away and forgiven by believing in Jesus Christ, who defeated Satan, Sin and Death upon his sacrifice on Calvary Cross; Note: This only applies to True Believers of Christ (Christians) who have these Awesome Benefits; so why not become Christian today, now, follow Jesus Christ. What do you have to lose by doing so? That is becoming Christian to receive “The Reward to The Fullest Extent” from The Almighty, creator of all things, including the Universe.[This info can be found in the The Holy Bible(ESV) Colossians 1:16-17]. However, you must accept the Lord Jesus Christ in your lives to receive this free gift of Salvation from God to be saved, which is Eternal Life in Heaven forever; an Everlasting Paradise, aka: “The Reward to The Fullest Extent”; where you will be very happy every single day of your life, to be young forever, but mature in thinking at the same time, no sicknesses, no illness whatsoever, and to receive Love from every angle possible. It’s everything that is good that you never had while on earth, but wish you could have, plus many good folds +. How can we receive God’s free gift of Eternal Life? (Note: Everyone will eventually grow old and pass away, that is human nature, then the soul leaves the body upon death, known as the afterlife which life continue’s in the soul, that is why some have claimed to see spirits. We humans sometimes are either scared, shocked, curious, mysterious, puzzled or usually amazed at things that we see, but don’t understand which cannot be explained scientifically; or the “The Supernatural”. All the souls are waiting for Judgment Day to come or aka “The 2nd coming of Jesus”. To be more specific, Judgment Day comes right after the Tribulation which is right around the corner, which was the 1260 days in which humanity suffered during the reign of Satan, The Antichrist, and The False Prophet. The Tribulation which is 1260 Days of suffering onto humanity that Satan and his demons caused has already happened and ended according to Daniel’s Prophecy [70 Jubilee Cycles]. Satan, The antichrist and The false prophet and his pack of demons have already been locked up and thrown into the Lake of Fire which burn with brimstone and Sulphur, and their they will burn for an eternity. The only thing left, however, is Judgment Day, which is yet to come, which awaits; the final arrival of the Lord’s Second coming is soon to take place. He will come on a day when least expected that nobody knows. The “wicked” are those who break and continue ignoring God’s law. The “wise” are those living at the end of the age, who humbly obey God’s commands. These people are those who have repented of their pass sins and accepted the Lord as savior and also who follow God’s decrees and stand firm to the end who will be saved, thus inheriting Eternal Life in heaven forever awaits, known as Salvation, which is very easy to attain dependent on one’s Faith which determines one’s fate which is the final destination either heaven or hell, you choose? Once again, what do you have to lose by doing so? That is simply accepting Christ in your lives using the Prayer of Repentance in Christ, which I have provided for you people in my Christian Protestant Talk Videos section in this YouTube channel!  “The Second Coming of Jesus” will take place, and Jesus Christ will come back to earth with the Elect Angels. Jesus Christ will Triumph with Great Glory, Authority, & Victory!, coming from East to West flying on a nimbus, Jesus will call forth commanding the Angels to do his bidding where they will sound the Trumpets and elect the 4 winds from one end of the heavens to the other to save the earth and all it’s people from all this destruction that’s caused by SIN. At that time everyone will be judged accordingly either dead or alive. The ones that are buried in the grave yard who have repented of their sins through Jesus Christ to God in their pass lifetime; will be resurrected from the grave and ascend to Heaven with Christ. Furthermore, also, the True Believers in Jesus Christ (Christians) who are alive at that time will also get to go to Heaven and meet the Lord half-way up in the air! To be safe, please Repent & accept Jesus Christ as Lord & savior everyone before it’s too late so that you may inherit Eternal Life to be saved, the clock is ticking! ★Check out my new eBook: “THE TRUTH REVEALED THE SECRETS OF THE END TIMES WALKING THE CHRISTIAN LIFE” February 21,2017 REVISION BOOK #: X79-333 ★Download My ebook Here: https://www.mediafire.com/?1c7217nsfyap4rc

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