Faith, Holy Bible, Can you deal with the Fact? (Review My Summary Listed Below)

I am rather certain the Religious that declare to comprehend the scriptures as well as take all the creating within actually instead after that figuratively, will certainly locate this video clip extremely facing. The uploading of this video clip was planned to use one more as well as in my viewpoint a much more affordable point of view then that supplied by such obsessed spiritual establishments, developed to regulate the masses.

BTW, It’s not concerning the genuine B-days. It has to do with that such days were made use of, it has to do with that much of the Holy bible is metaphorical works. Everybody understands such B-days are metaphorical, depictive.
Just what’s impressive is that I need to aim this out as well as the only factor I am troubling to do so, is since many make this exact same ignorant minimal monitoring as well as assume they are discrediting all the info offered in this video clip by directing it out, when as a matter of fact they are really showing the actual factor of the whole video clip, that is, that a lot of the Holy bible is implied to be taken figuratively not Essentially.

An Extremely Considerate as well as Insightful Feedback By +David Cox.

Christian faith utilizes Dec 25 th as the day on which Jesus was birthed (i.e. Xmas) – Holy Bible or otherwise. I think that’s the factor – that the leading globe religious beliefs, like Christianity, are based upon various other misconceptions that precede Christ by over a 1000 years.
The even more we comprehend the background of faith as well as exactly how guides were created, the much less credibility faith has.

Looking for reality is not”luciferian” Christians are so certain they are”right” They could not approve that if they were brought up in Syria they would certainly really feel simply as positive concerning Islam. If birthed in India, they ‘d likely be Hindu. It’s simply social brainwashing. The demand for these deceptions would certainly all be great, yet individuals are still eliminating each various other for bronze-age folklores.

We’re 300 years past the age of Copernicus. Testing faith does not get rid of the opportunity of God or a power that joins us as humans, yet the “God” that has actually been educated by churches as well as kings is not reality. It is a male made belief that was recommended for political factors as well as control. End of remark.

And also one more point Even if much of you have to “believe” as you were educated as well as conditioned to “believe”, that the scriptures is to be thought about accurate as well as to be taken actually, as well as somebody explain that it is really metaphorical works, does not imply they are claim their is no God (Developer of All) It just implies you are misinterpreting as well as missing out on truth significance of the works.

I understand that much of you desire (or demand) to think that such writing are the real Words of God.
While this might be partly real, it ought to be recognized, they were gods with a tiny “g” significance not the Developer of All with a little bit”G”
AWAKEN INDIVIDUALS, For even more “TRUTH” follow this Web link:.

The Genuine Factor & Objective Behind the Christian Holy Bible as well as Various Other Old Text

Excellent as well as Wickedness.



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  1. Yes, Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection were foretold in the heavens and more recently, so was His second coming.. Too bad you were too deep in deception notice. Your master must be very proud. He'll reveal his true self soon enough and Jesus will be waiting.

  2. As I listen to the end section of your presentation a question came to mind, what if you are wrong and Christianity is correct and not a myth? Physical realities can be seen but spiritual reality can only be seen by faith alone.

  3. Religion (Re Legion) to soldier up again in worship (warship)! Religion is the deification of a culture!
    Schism- putting anything above you or as master over you, which in turn blocks you from your source/ sol (power)!
    beLIEf vs KNOWing- When we're Asleep we always need something to guard over us, but when we're Awake we INNERSTAND where we need to go from there because we're a Self Existing Multidimensional Being!

  4. Do you know of any particular books on this subject? I'd like to do some research for myself. I was raised Christian and I'm having an extremely hard time letting go of its beliefs because of the fear of going to hell. It feels like a huge scare tactic that has been used to control me. The ideas that I've been given the freedom to believe what I choose, yet I'll be eternally punished if I don't believe what someone wants, is very contradictory and I'm really struggling with it. It's very unsettling.

  5. Gad its there….but we are to stupid and devil work hard to fooled all people with diferrent ways…gad its just Love after this come evrithing pace harmony etc…this video its just bullshet from egoist people….but anyway day of judgement its close and we all se the truth…

  6. Excellent video!! Ive been researching truth in all forms for over a decade. I put together everything in this video and more piece by piece. I read ancient texts, studied heiroglyphs, read the Apocrypha, the Gnostic texts, the Hermetic texts and it was very hard for me to fijnally come to the conclusion that the KJV is what it is – a great astro-theological book! Religion is control. Peace on your journey.


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