ONE Religious Beliefs For The Globe

I not rely on a coming “one world religion”, like many individuals instruct. After taking a look at the bibles, I think that there is just mosting likely to be ONE faith during Jacob’s problem.


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  1. Interesting video. An important point that you got wrong Bryan, is that Satan would like to pretend to be God the father. That can be quite a severe inaccuracy.

    Satan knows he cannot mimic God. Satan can however mimic the Messiah Jesus pbuh. God the father has no conceivable form. But Jesus pbuh is a person. Satans antichrist can be made to look like Jesus pbuh, even act like Jesus pbuh for a while. That is why he's referred to as the "ANTICHRIST" OR "false MESSIAH". He'll try to mimic the true messiah.

    This makes Christians a prime target vulnerable to manipulation by the antichrist. Christians believe Jesus is a god. The antichrist will simply try to mimic Jesus pbuh and so many Christians will worship him as a god, thinking that he is Jesus pbuh.

  2. "Brother" "husky", strangely, you RIGHTLY believe the factual evidence concerning SOME of the EVIL historical ACTIONS of the Jesuit's, but CAN'T perceive the SAME FACT concerning the JESUIT created Pre-Trib Rapture?

    Your FALSE Pre-trib teaching is "tickling" those Christians with "itching ears" whom REFUSE to POTENTIALLY suffer. possibly unto death, for their Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, during the Tribulation.. ALL but 1 of Jesus' original 12 Apostles experienced EXTREME TRIBULATION, and were horrifically killed by Rome, except John, exiled to Patmos, as writer of the Revelation.

    Why would/should modern-day "Christians" expect to suffer ANY less?

    When the time of Tribulation comes,and Jesus HASN"T yet returned Satan will KNOW WHO will BETRAY Christ, and HIS TRUE Christian sons & daughters. It will be ALL the "Pre-trib" rapture believers, who will then SCOFF at Post-trib TRUE CHRISTIANS, saying "where is the promise of "His" coming, thus fulfilling Bible prophecy.

    Jesus Himself said to beware of false teachers in the last days, who would attempt to seduce Believers with CLEVER "factual" misrepresentations of his ACTUAL 2nd return. Jesus ALSO said the Wheat (saved) would grow WITH the TARES(tares/chaff)

    Jesus ALSO said that "through MUCH tribulation MUST ye enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. A "pre-trib" rapture CERTAINLY
    doesn't sound like "much" Tribulation, does it?

    The ENTIRE "Pre-Trib" Rapture teaching IS EVEN NOW separating the TRUE church, from the FALSE "Pre-Trib" "church".



  3. Thank you Bryan. BTW, I had been watching some of the " 7 mountains" heresy that all the false 'profits' rave about, started by false profit Lance Wallnau, and WOW, here it is in Revelation 18:9!!!!! I just saw that scripture when followin this video!! I knew it was evil, and Lance is false profit, and now I'm SURE he is following and teaching the Babylonian commerce after seeing that scripture!!!! I have a good friend who LOVES that Lance guy, and he makes me wanna puke when I see him. He's the latest and greatest false profit of G.O.D. (gold, oil and diamonds)

  4. Who will be the false prophet who points to antichrist worshiping? False prophet will pulldown the fire from haven and make the statue of the first beast aka antichrist, ALIVE!!! False prophet is in fact false John the baptist or Eliah, the jews are waiting for Messiah and Eliah also( Jesus said that John the baptist was the Eliah).False prophet will prepare the way for AC just as the John did for Jesus and satan is counterfiter all to the end.

  5. Bryan,

    Just want to remind you that the twin sister of Roman Catholicism is Eastern Orthodox Catholicism. They just omit the term ''Catholic'' for brevity. It is a part of the full name of the Eastern Orthodox "Church".
    Small note – Read Rev 13:13. Then read the article titled "Holy Fire'' in Wikipedia.
    The Eastern Orthodox Patriarch (''Father'') is calling down fire from heaven every year at
    Easter. For the time being it is fake…

  6. I love your work so far, I thought you might find this interesting: in 2009 I started dating a guy I met online as a member of this weird community of physical anthropology message boards. He lived in Portugal. He visited me a couple times in the US. He was an architecture major. His father was the vice director of the Portuguese CIA (SIS) and later became the director. At the time I had no clue about what "intelligence" was really all about (whereas now I know all too well, long story but let me just tell you this: the Luciferian mind control cult running the world, that's 100% real and I know this for a fact personally). Well recently I noticed his entire FB and internet presence had been erased, deleted. I had spoken to him within the past year. But I contacted a girl who dated him after I dumped him, a friend of mine also from the forum, and she told me he had gone off to become a Jesuit priest. I only ever knew him as an atheist who hated and fantasizes about sexually assaulting nuns (he was abused at the catholic school he went to, per his father's orders), and he had been making six figures in Angola as an architect.
    I was floored. His father had been pressing him for years to quit school and become an agent.
    That's just the tip of the iceburg.

  7. AND a question to you All,

    Are we (The Body of Christ) so wise as to "instruct" THE LORD on how to "conduct" the manner in which HE will execute HIS Day? THE GREAT AND DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD. Isn't enough to Trust that HE will catch up in the air, those that are His? (those who keep His commandments? Amen. Shouldn't those that are wise as 🐍 and. harmless as doves,
    be merciful to unbelieving Jews (that YHW) Himself double blinded? I AM THAT I AM Himself blinded?
    catholics do this, catholics do that. Yes. Yet, whilst The Bride of Christ focuses on those things, knowing how rapidly That Day approaches,
    Forget to pray for the 144,000.
    Members of The Body (those whose names are written in The Book of Life)
    Amen. Forget to keep their eyes on Christ, whose sayings are True Amen, knowing that if the evil man forsake his sins and turns To The Lord,
    Amen. HE (The Lord) will abundantly forgive.
    "Salvation belongeth to The Lord. Thy Blessing is upon Thy people."

  8. To reinforce this brother, today (March1), is Roman Catholic Lenten Ash Wednesday, in which the Catholic priest puts ashes on the forehead in the sign of cross, on the kneeling person, and says "from dust you came and to dust you will return". As brother Ruckman and brother Bryan have noted, this is representing the mark of the beast in the forehead,and is stating a curse, death and judgement on that person. Lord's amazing timing, I just saw brother Ruckman state this in His video on a sister's channel!

  9. one world religion seems it will be worship of the mysterious black cube that unfolds in all the false religions..probly a super computer….a seemingly all knowing go to for advisement…..even a cross folds up into a cube

  10. I knew husky394 back from when we were cub scouts. One summer we all made race cars… during competition the 'bearded lady' as we called him, rolled out what appeared to be a piece of dog crap with wheels fastened to it. Everyone named it 'The Tird' and that was being generous. One lady threw up all over herself just because it came close to her. — 394 stands for the number of times this jerk has to slap his wife to get her to put the seat back down after she's done pissing against it.

  11. The "pre-tribulation rapture" is not Biblical. The futurist approach to prophecy has its origin in the Jesuit Counter-Reformation. For true understanding of Bible prophecy, explore the Historicist interpretation. You are Biblical to oppose Popery as the Papacy is the Antichrist, Little Horn & Man of Sin and Mystery Babylon the Great is the appalling Romish church-state.

  12. Roman Catholicism is Babylonianism… and all beliefs that are not Christian is babylonianism too…. so any belief that isn't Christianity will be fine with the pope, their will just be the caveat of swearing allegiance with Lucifer…. P.S. Lucifer is the Latin translation of Heylal, which as we know means light bearer, the KJV people just kept it for convenience… check out the 'Know your enemy' series from the fuel project, it is one of the best detailed studies of the enemy and his devices ever

  13. There is going to be a deception involving "aliens". What I believe after many hours of research to be the great deception. Perhaps the vatican will be at the forefront of this Threat that will bring the world's nations together under one government, with the vatican at the head. I even believe that after the rapture, they will deny it. Calling it a mass abduction. Interesting to note the Vatican is at the forefront of alien research, and claims they will be in communication with aliens shortly, even claiming they will baptize them when they arrive. Of course we all know that these aliens are demons. What are your thoughts on this? If you haven't yet touched on this, though it sounds strange please look into it as your thorough studies are very helpful. Thanks Bryan.

  14. There will probably be some sort of connection to all the kingdoms and temples through lay lines via devils as soon as Christians leave which was setup since old times with satanic geometry. Then Catholicsm will become all the bad parts of every religion. Pure witchcraft world as Satan works miracles… As i heard atlantis was like temples connected through some sort of Crystaline energy where people had psychic powers but then God shuts down the machine. Much like before the great flood as in the last days were as the times of noe.

    People will be transfixed religion will be auto pilot, auto conversion.

    Which is why I believe God only deals with the jews during this time… will be going back to much like the Old Testament as in the days of Noah.

    Much like in my previous comments showing from scripture how there is no gentile servants sealed in the foreheads only Jews.

    Where is the separation of the gentiles being saved in the tojt before the servants sealed?(if the multitude in white of all nations[includes jews] aren't the church.) why is there no gentiles sealed in the forhead? Or why is a part[multitude] are around the throne and not one gentile is labeled as a servant?

    After the rapture people are turned over to the reprobate mind catholicsm morphs into pure Satanism (masquerading as Christianity which is true Satanism) including all nations minus Israel.

    I do not think gentiles can avoid the mark only the jews can after we go up.

    And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:

    Unless there is a reason in scripture distinguishing why only Jews are sealed as servants and that innumerable multitude in white robes are martyrs who washed their robes in the blood of the lamb(as you say "works"). Then somehow gentiles are just all reprobate at that point where the 4 angel seal those jews in rev. 7:3… I am not seeing it. How all of a sudden its goes from an innumerable multitude of martyrs including jews just like the church(no jew or greek during grace) to not a single gentile servant.

    I am so keen on this because I am urging people to get saved more than say ohhh wait until you see the rapture then the anti-Christ rise from Jersualem because the whole world will be brainwashed and blind and not able chose like they can now.

    Can choice end after the rapture for gentiles..?

    Which brings yet another question. God says All Israel shall be saved. May the dead Jews in hell not reach the second death??

    Thus saving every single Israelite that came from Jacob.

    I know you say if a Jew denies Jesus Christ he goes to hell yes I agree but to the lake of fire…. I am not sure now.


  15. Rings true brother. Catholicism says come back to me my wayward protesters the protest is over. Kissy kissy. but killy killy if you refuse that means you are a divider. Can two walk together except they be agreed. No.

  16. Brother Bryan, I always thought that the one world religion of the Time of Jacob's trouble would be Roman Catholicism as well but I came across some scripture recently that doesn't line up. "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things." Daniel 11:37-38 (emphasis mine) I always understood this to speak about the antichrist in the TOJT but how can it be if the antichrist is to be popish? Also, It would be of great interest, for many I'm sure, to hear what you think about the geopolitics of Trump's inauguration speech in light of his being a Jesuit and how his leadership might tie into biblical prophecy. Thanks for all of your thought-provoking studies and the hard work you do for the Truth of God's written word.

  17. got a question, is the little horn in daniel7 the same little horn in daniel8 because from what i'm reading one grows out of the roman empire, and the other grows out from one of the four areas left to alexander the greats generals. i understand the roman empire covered the hellenistic land areas, so is daniel being more specific in his location from where the antichrist while rise up from?

  18. However I do believe in what the apostle Paul was speaking of in 1 Thessalonians 4 I was meaning that I didn't believe in the rapture that is spoken of by some making it seem as though Yeshua the HaMashiach was to come first. and as far as the Catholic church goes there aint no way that i trust them and i dont even acknowledge Mr. francis as what a lot of people call him thats why i call him Mr. because he is just a man and it is good that you are wanting to expose the catholic church as you are doing because i do not trust the catholic church nor do i trust mr. francis, lets just say that i have seen and heard from those innocent children what that awful church has done to them and not just emotionally either 🙁

  19. brother the pope has just announced he is not traveling in the bomb or bullet proof booth just not to long ago.
    i believe you may be right.

    God Have mery on us all in the name of Jesus Christ.

  20. I have often thought lately that the "he who is taken out of the way" might be referring to Caesar being taken out of the way when Rome fell so that the Papal system could replace it. Then during the reformation, the Pope was revealed as the AC. My question is , Why is the church called a he. ? I always saw it as a she. Am I wrong?

  21. You said that in the old Testament, God told the people of Israel to go out and kill the people that lived in Palestine because they where just evil people is not so. First off there was some peoples there that, He didn't say that to the children of Israel at all just some of the Cities. And second He told them to kill all of the people in those places because they where nephilim .For Bible verses look in Deuteronomy 3 and in Genesis 6 to start with. If you really wont to git a better picture of it read the book of Enoch.

  22. I like you. You know very much of Catholicism; that's really cool. I appreciate it. The Vatican is the head of the masave-satanic-pedophile-network that controls the world in my view (because there is such as thing: this is our reality people; google Podesta e-mails/#pizzagate) The evil magicians that control our perceptions basically is how I see them. The Evil-Wizards.
    You really all should read Patrick Wood's 'Technocracy Rising' I strongly believe.
    The satanic-one-world-government religion will be a UN earth-worship type of religion it appears to some, based on many of the UN's words themselves (naturally they leave out the satanic part, but that's what it will be as u all know.)
    It will in time be hell on earth; of course deliberate as planned long ago by the Royal Institute for International Affairs, CFR and Trilateral Commission.
    A neo feudal, scientific dictatorship nightmare, where reality is upside down, with a gradual legalization of pedophilia and bestiality (they're already starting: NAMBLA has a seat at the UN and they now have legalized having oral sex with your dog in Canada; I am not kidding) stricken with poverty and pain to the extent that near all will submit to the lure of trans-humanism and get the brain-chip that they discussed installing in the public at the World Science Meetings at Loyola University; and this is the Mark of The Beast as is written of in the Holey Book.
    If/when this happens, for or 2 generations tops people will be able to leave ''the matrix'' when they want primarily, but the whole point from the get go was/will be to get them installed on mass so they can in time ''Flip the Switch'' and make the immaculate torture-slave society with zero protest from the ''Useless Eaters.''
    After that?
    The documented: genetically-modified-hermaphrodite-agenda; and that part has already begun, look around you, look at our Monsanto food, look at young people today, LGBT, MGTOW, total anti-family … this is the New-World-Order exploding while people just sit by and watch it happen.

    I agree with very much of what you say based on what I understand (which is very little about religion; basically zero compared to you.) Great Video. Keep keeping your people awake to Satans plan my friend, it's on.

  23. Since you asked, I completely agree.
    The One world religion will be ONE religion. (not multiple varieties of religionS)
    Read Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar is a picture (type) of the end times with him being a picture of the anti Christ and he had ONE image attached to his religion and you had to bow down to that one particular image, there was no room for "other" religions. (images)

  24. The MOTHER of harlots has a lot of "women" (daughters) working for her. That's all soon to end. There is only ONE Great Whore (Rev. 17). "And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth."
    Revelation 17:18


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