Just how do you recognize that Christianity is the one real worldview?

Exclusivity is just one of one of the most preferred costs leveled versus the Christian confidence. Below, writer and also apologist Ravi Zacharias and also RZIM audio speaker John Njoroge test the presumption that Christianity is alone in making unique cases. Visit this site for the whole discussion:http://ow.ly/a29bx


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  1. Christianity is cruel and evil. It is evil to believe that people should be horribly tortured just for not believing in your god or following your exact set of rules. Jesus has no contemporary evidence and only the gospels mention him and every account of him contradict his life and message. Jesus is a lie. So is Islam and Judaism genesis is completely wrong starts were invented before the earth not after. The first plants did not have seeds or fruits. Their is no dome above us. Mammals came before birds. Sea life came before plants. Noah’s flood never happened and was a rip off of pagan stories, and exodus never happened their is no evidence or source of Moses or Israelites in Egypt. Religion is a form of brainwashing for the dumb, poor, vulnerable, and weak. You guys are wrong and making the world a worse place focusing on imaginary problems instead of real ones. And having horrible views on slavery, genocide, science, education, economics, morality, capital punishment, war, mental health, physical health, woman, homosexuals, and raising children. You will waste your life’s and making everyone else’s life worse till your religion finally dies our cause it was always fake hopefully a new religion won’t take your place and we can move on.
    I told god and Jesus to fuck off when I converted and my life got better. Religion is abuse to everyone.

  2. all the records we can find of Jesus were composed decades later after the event of crucification this no way proves that Jesus ever existed. we have tons of archeological evidences that proves Buddha really existed.

  3. He doesn't answer the question. He just keeps going round and round and confused the audience with heavy words and sentences. Most people are actually just impressed by arguments which use exotic words but don't understand a word of it.

  4. ישוע המשיח היה בתקופת חייו יהודי. מאי כבער על הפלת היהודים ✡️ כיהודי, נתקלתי בקטעי וידאו רבים על אפליה של יהדות, ועל דתות לא נוצריות אחרות, שמרגיזות אותי. להפסיק את ההפליה, לערפל העולם הזה יש שלום.

  5. You have let very evil men deceive you.

    In approx. 600 BC the Jews were taken to Babylon. When they got to Babylon the Jews started calling upon their god Yahweh.

    The Babylonians did not KNOW the God Yahweh and said: YAH WHO."

    At this time the abominations called Rabbi's came into existence. The Rabbi's thought that the Babylonians were making fun of their GOD YAHWEH. The evil Rabbi's told the people they were not to say the NAME Yahweh ever again.

    The Babylonians were asking a question:" WHO is Yahweh. "

    This shows that all Rabbi's are children of the devil.

    After 70 years the Jews and the children of Israel came back to Yahweh's LAND. They had been forbidden from saying the CREATORS NAME for 70 years.

    On the appointed day Yahweh SENT His literal genetic SON Yahshua to declare His Fathers NAME. John 17: 26.

    THE JEWS hated Yahweh's SON Yahshua because He was saying the NAME Yahweh.

    The JEWS had HIDDEN the NAME of THE Creator Yahweh and to this very day The JEWS are forbidden from saying THE NAME of THE Creator Yahweh.

    In approx. 276 BC The JEWS translated the HEBREW scriptures into GREEK so they could REMOVE the NAME of THE Creator Yahweh.

    There were NO Christians before 320 AD. WHEN Christianity was invented the Christians translated the HEBREW scriptures into GREEK and REMOVED THE NAME of the Creator from the HEBREW scriptures and Added their PAGAN Greek god Iesous in the bible.

    The Christians and the JEWS are HIDING the NAME of THE Creator Yahweh.

    Approx 500 years ago the Christians CHANGED the name of their PAGAN god Iesous to Jesus.

    The entire scriptures were written in HEBREW.

    EVERYTHING that comes from the GREEK is the words from evil men.

    I say again:" THE JEWS and the Christians are HIDING THE NAME of the Creator Yahweh from the world.

    This shows that The Jews and Christians are in obedience to their father the devil. 1 John 3: 8.

    May THE Creator Yahweh give you understanding in these salvation scriptures.

    Heb. 12: 14.

    Bless you

  6. But jesus dying or not dying didnt change anything. He could have never been crucified and everything would have been the same. You could argue that the change occurs in the afterlife. But thats a cop out since no one can confirm the truth behind that change unless they die. And people dont exactly die and come back to tell about it except for frauds.

  7. IF you want to find the truth look at all sides of the argument. Heaps of Christians videos here show how the Quran is wrong and Heaps of Muslims can show how the Bible is wrong.. Atheist agree with both.

  8. I have a great answer to the black dude with a PhD. A part of me wants to say what the Devil would say and another Our loving God. I guess it's up to be to decide who will be heard. However, the fact that I'm feeling this way, says something about that black dude speaker who is trying for the PhD. Interesting, huh… Without giving answer, the fact that the black dude is so offensive is something in and of itself a problematic thing. I renounce Satan and his lies. I keep my peace.

  9. Did he even answer the question??? He did not even demonstrate what he meant by those 4 questions. Also, which good Muslim would ever say that???? It's in the Quran 4.157 that Jesus was not killed.

  10. Religion, Proof that human beings will believe anything without evidence. Xianity trying to prove that it is the one true religion when judaism, its foundation doesnt agree with any of its central tenets. What a Hoot.

  11. The Dalai Lama desires the freedom of Tibet…And it would be wrong for a Buddhist to desire something like that??? Well, I'm no expert but the way he's portraying Buddhism is slightly inaccurate and simplistic.
    I find, trying to mislead a public like he does is arrogant.
    Yet it seems like that public can't get enough of him.
    The Koran is historically inaccurate?? Of course it is, just as the Thora and the bible…

  12. If I were goi ng to take any religion as the truth I would probably have to go with the historically oldest one especially if it is thousands of years older than any other religions. (Hinduism)

  13. G-d of israel not allowed the sacrifice of the human being, the only who do that is pagans religion…christianity is clear the enemy of the one true G-d of israel, chsitianity is the modern goliath, modern babel, egypt, the false prophet who decieved many into destruction

  14. Do we have Jewish algebra, Catholic algebra or Hindu algebra? No, we just have algebra. The reason there are so many different religions is because they are all made up bullshit, designed to ease the fear of death denying cowards. There is but ONE honest search for truth and it is called science.

  15. The world has uttered the name Jesus billions of times and will continue to say his name forever. People hate it but even people who don’t believe in God still say his name

  16. Friends: every christian wonders if shitting is a sin. You sit down and this act of hell happens and you think, does God hate this? The answer is “yes.” Thank God there is a way Christians can reduce their output – A natural herbal supplement that can be purchased on a subscription service for 89.99 a month. It is called Vitabless and it is guaranteed to reduce the sin of shitting. Also works for people of other faiths and atheists.

  17. Gods all knowing. So when he creates you, he knows you're going to make bad choices and go to hell. Also, he doesn't care if you're born in North Korea where they don't have Internet or a bible and you and your family will die if you don't believe. Nope. HELL FOR YOU. Also, he's all powerful. Oh wait but not powerful enough to stop the devil that he created who burns people for not believing a book that contains obvious false information and contradictions. Don't even get me started on noahs ark… XD. I feel sorry for you if you're a christain. You're literally ignoring facts and believing a book full of mistranslated conjecture and fairytales copied straight from the greek mythology rhetoric passed down orally over generations. Please do yourselves a favor people and do something actually useful on sunday like helping the homeless instead of throwing your money into churches where you can believe in a obviously false book. Come on people. This is about as easy as realizing santa clause isn't real to figure out. It's hard to believe adults are christian.

  18. Don't you people see what religion does to us. All this debating about who is true and who is not; is a bunch of bull shit and it's wasting time. None of us is sure about a damn thing!!!


  20. Christians don't have to prove anything, we have faith. We can pray for your heart to soften and your eyes to be opened, but ultimately it is up to you.

  21. So i heard a christian scholar explain something and im wondering on other christian views about it. Basically he said " mary mother of Jesus will go to heaven amd stand before God almighty and say " thats my God, and thats my son, my son is my God and my god is my son. Then david will say oh my God thats my decendant , and thats my God. My god is my decentant and my decendant is my God.

    Please tell me how a christian reconciles this "fact" according to christian doctrine of tje trinity. Please lets stay on topic if you want to attempt to answer just stick to the topic and dont preach to me or tell me about how other religions are evil. Just a simple answer to the understanding presented by the scholar who stayed such a thing.
    His (the christian scholars) Ideology which lead to whathe said about the interaction between Mary and her Son/God and David and his decendant/God was based on the bible passage, in the begining was the word and the word was with God and the word was God and God created everything throught the word including his own mother Mary and his great grandfather David.

    So how do you wrap your head around that? Is it possible?

  22. First off, The point of Buddhism is not to end desire. For when one tries to end desire he is using desire to end it. Secondly, the concept of God from east to west culture is fundamentally different. 
    In the west God is the creator, ruler, all knowing all seeing ect.. And we are made.
    In the east God is not used as concept or something where thought can define it, although it has been said that God is atman or the self. And it also doesn't view as existence as something made but grows


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