Schedule 2030: UN Strategy Making Americans Poor Leaked

The UN schedule to damage the west has actually been leaked and also Alex Jones simplifies and also subjects it.

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  1. Divide and conquer is the process by which they are winning. Dividing black/white, democrat/republican, straight/gay, etc. They they promote this as a way to make us all play nicely together by bringing us to live together in mega-cities where we can be watched and controlled.

    But first, the hatred will be used to create so much violence that we will welcome, if not demand, more police protection and eventually even be compliant with a nationalized police force – and American Gestapo.

    And as long as they have the media in their back pockets they will win. And the wealthy media peeps will be removed of all their wealth and power by gov't propaganda that doesn't pay well. Many people making big bucks through the process of destroying America will find themselves living as part of the poor serfs of the masses, or killed because they know too much.

  2. Alex, I am very bad about not taking screenshots when I see interesting pieces of info. I know I saw a snippet somewhere during the time of HRC's "What difference does it make?" outburst; this snippet said that Hillar-y threatened to go to the media or the American public and "tell everything." Right after this, she disappeared from public view for quite some time, and when she came back, she had those gawdawful thick-lensed glasses and filthy hair. It was put out that she had fallen down some stairs. Personally, I think she was beaten up to get her to shut up, and her hair was dirty because she had stitches in her scalp. So her neurological problems, I believe, stem from that head trauma right after the investigation into Benghazi began. Mind you, I have no proof, but that's just my two cents' worth.

  3. Agenda 21 and 2030 are blueprints for mass murder and genocide on a unspeakable scale.The individuals who support this are heinous criminals and will be eventually be found in crimes against humanity trials.

  4. 1960's- Silver removed from coins (1964). Buying power of job wages stagnated in 1968.  1970's – Phony women's lib and minority rights campaign to replace white males with lower-paid women and minorities on the job using the first primitive computers. 1980's – Credit cards, mortgage loans and student loans in lieu of an increase in wage buying power. 1990's – Perfection of the internet sends tens of millions of jobs to Central Asia.  2000's – Elimination of 40 hour work weeks, full-time jobs and increased aggressive termination regulations. 2010's – Soaring number of applicants for each position. Austerity programs. Soaring taxes, fees and fines. 2020's Employers spending billions for AI robots and quantum computers.  That's the plan.

  5. You telling the truth what you've said about welfare but it's not just black people any one that uses welfare has to be separate from their husbands or not married. The system is designed to keep people down.


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