Ezekiel 38- The Gog Magog battle- that is Magog as well as her allies?- scriptures revelation

Guide of Ezekiel was created in between 593 as well as 565 B.C. throughout the Babylonian bondage of the Jews. Below in Ezekiel phase 38 we have a prediction of a battle versus Israel from a nation called magog as well as her allies. Just how could this be? Israel was spread as a country in 70 ADVERTISEMENT therefore Israel discontinued to be a country. Ezekiel 36 revelations of Israel being spread and after that returning as well as coming to be a country again. This occurred in 1948 as well as Israel reclaimed Jerusalem in 1967 as Israels resources. Time ever before in the background of the globe has actually a country been spread as well as discontinued to exist after that about 1260 years after her devastation Israel ended up being a country as soon as again.


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  1. when our presidents and other evil leaders go to bohemian grove and do (false sacrifices) before a giant bird like statue during summer soltice time, one of the camps the bushes stay at there is nicknamed gog. stating plainly aint they? all of our presidents are pretty much linked biologically and cousins royalty in their ancestors from britain and europe they won't let us have another one outside of their bloodline. the two giant stautue in England at their guild hall are named after gog and magog. Look how many bases and how much control england and america has over parts of the world. Look at the world banks and just a few they don't have control over yet iran russia and North Korea put two and two together whom the news surrounds the rothchilds and the rockerfeller want their rule oil power, It is bigger then people think. God help us all the evil the enemies plan thank God for Jesus whom will deliver us from evil all around us. B's step-daughter lil sis 4 J.C.

  2. living securely.. means living carelessly. USA, UK will be attacked. They will be defenseless without arms. All their resources are utilized in other countries. Israel in this case is the UN nations

  3. Shame on you all..! You are close but no cigar..(chuckle)..! This Gog and Magog are clearly the forces formed by Satan following the 1000 years of Christ's rulementioned towards the end of the Revelation. Only then could the reformed tribes of Israel be living in unwalled cities, following Satan's release and one more try to takeover the Kingdom (truely he is crazy with demented hatred. Very simple really, if you'll just ask God for answers and wait. The white Russians (the Ross from Scandinavia) are of the lost tribes, as is America, and Great Britain (not so great anymore), and Russia is not Magog or Gog..! I suggest you start looking to brother Esau for that title..!

  4. 'his people 'Israel' clearly not refering to todays Jews nor Israel, but America, living without walls and with no worries…Russia shall attack America, Canada, where the true Israelites have gathered.

  5. Israel was also scattered at the time when Israel was being scattered and a promised return was just 70 years away (Jer. 25:11, 29:10, Dan. 9:2, Zech. 7:5). Some time close to that return to Israel from Babylon is where the story of Esther falls historically. This was a major war that would have included all these nations that are mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 and is connected with a return from all the nations. Doesn't this seem to fit the prophecy simply and accurately?

  6. to all commentors. In the bible, God warns some group of people who claim to be jews but they are not Jews. And there is this prophecy about Gog and Magog coming to destroy the holy land.
    my point is in some DNA testings done by GB scientists in israle found that Ashkenazi Jews are not more than 6% israelites. (Remember the liar Jews above)
    And Ashkenazis gathered to israel from the land of Gomer and Magog.
    Infact, they are the grandchildrens of Gog. so, Gog and Magog are already in Israel.
    also google Torah Jews agains Zionism

  7. As always, America wants to convince the world that Russia is the enemy, despite the fact that she wallowed in the blood itself. She wants to unleash another world war to solve their problems in huge debts. It is America helped bring Hitler to power. If someone would start a war, then this country will be America and not Russia. Soon America expect great disaster so can't last long. It will be the second Atlantis.

  8. Washington is Babylon

    And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
    And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.

  9.  Who is Gog and where is Magog? Another of Ezekiel visions has led to a great deal of continuing speculation because of its prophecy warning of a great apocalyptic battle to come, a prophecy that the Christian author of the New Testament book of Revelation seized upon to refer to a coming satanic invasion.

    In Ezekiel the "chief Prince" Gog is a foe who will come from "Magog" to the north, to attack Israel. After a cataclysmic battle "GOG" will be defeated and God will be acknowledged by all nations. In historical context, the identity of Ezekiel Gog and Magog is a mystery, although it seems likely that the Prophet was referring to Babylon, traditionally identified as the greatest source of evil in the Hebrew world. Following the decline of Babylon as a political force, Literalists  throughout history have suggested a variety of alternative nations as the biblical "magog" more recently fundamentalist Christians, in particular, have pointed to the Soviet Union now dismantled and presumably no longer a threat Russia or I ran as the evil empire that would come "from the North"

  10. Food for thought, George W. Bush's name in the skull and cross bones is magog. Look it up and see. Does it come to play in this or not? Who knows, but it was in the 2000 election that the republican party turned it's stars upside down, which represents the satanic star.

  11. I'm baffled to why some African Cushites nations would want to ally itself with a beast such as Russia who is headed for destruction. Too bad some of these African nations do not realize they will be heading to destruction along with Russia. I would suggest my Cushite brethren to have nothing to do with Russia, Arabs, etc.  Keep to yourself and let them destroy each other instead.

  12. Ezek-38 tells of "Gog and Land of Magog", the chief prince is said of Meshech and Tubal, these (are) Turkish cities, so the "LAND" of Magog is Turkey. What secular Zionist as Pharisee (false teachers, prophets, and antichrists) are teaching Christians, is that this Old Testament (Turkey) is Russia, and is the "Gog and Magog" of the New Testament of Revelation-20, where instead Gog and Magog are the "ARMY" of Satan, very evident who these are, as described as numerous as the sands on the seashore, that 'march abreast' across the world to surround Jerusalem, and this a sign of desolation (destruction as) punishment in fulfillment of ALL that has been WRITTEN.,,, Christians, SATAN is meddling with your mind.

  13. WOW!  this  video has a strong msg with  bible verses,  and  so  much action showing  how the  war lords gather. It  is  very true that  Israel will  be  the main event! -ARMAGGEDON has a date near Israel because PROPHECY declared it to be  over 2000 years ago. And NO one will escape judgement  day. The oceans will roar,  the sun and the moon will turn to darkness, greater earthquakes & floods will happen: the son of man is coming: God in Christ. Believers & unbelievers will see these events come true!

  14. prepare yourselves people for thy end draws near ,an the time of thy lord is at hand , pray for your neighbors an your love ones , heavenly events is about to unfold like never before ,here in America an abroad , terror will fall on many faces in the near future …… the earth is reeling because god draws near ….

  15. Wow. Germany is taking control of the EU as Us power declines. The stage is being set for the final days and the ushering in of the 1.000 year Kingdom!!! Or so it seems to me after studying history and Bible prophecy for several decades. We will see–WATCH!!!

  16. Russia is only north on a flat Mercator map. On an actual globe the nation directly north is Turkey and if you draw a line from Jerusalem to the north pole you will see that the line goes through Ankara, the capital of Turkey. And is not through Russia or even near Moscow. To find Magog simply identify the names found within Ezekiel’s prophecy according to how Ezekiel himself would have understood them. Thus in the late seventh and early sixth century B.C. when Ezekiel prophesied, Magog, Meshech and Tubal were known to have dwelt in Asia Minor, or modern-day Turkey.

  17. Same old ridiculous American religious garbage. The Bible thumpers have been hammering on about the last days for centuries. They have also been wrong for centuries and they have tried to fool the people and take their money. They are all about profits and not prophets.

  18.  Poesia profética de uma conflagração universal
    ‘Do assassinato de um dirigente nascerá algo espetacular’
    ‘Com o Iraque tudo se desencadeará’
    ‘Um grande banho de sangue no Oriente Médio então começará’
    ‘No ano não acontecerá a Copa do Mundo no Catar’
    ‘De um Egito derrotado e de uma Turquia massacrada por 3 bestas reinará’
    ‘Das bestas Iraquiana e Iraniana, uma Rússia participará ’
    ‘Oh humilda Israel, no meio do fogo cruzado queimarás’
    ‘Do Iraque, Irã, Rússia, Cazaquistão, Tunísia, Argélia e Líbia um grande castigo ocorrerá’.
    ‘A Europa sentirá a grande perseguição militar’
    ‘Do leste Ucraniano, o dragão vermelho virá para aniquilar’
    ‘Dos Balcãs iugoslavos e de uma Grécia perdida, as terras nórdicas dominará de forma atrevida’.
    ‘No sul das terras Itálicas, as coxilhas territoriais espanholas, o grande cerco se armara por força islâmica’
    ‘Portugal, Portugal! Não muito ao longe de suas fronteiras mouros argelinos, em rumo norte transpassará’
    ‘Choros e gritos do Báltico até Roménia, nem a Polônia escapará’
    ‘Da Rússia, todo o poder se reivindicará’
    ‘Pelos canhões e rifles, o sangue de muitos jorrará’
    ‘Oh Roma perdida, da barbaridade sentiras o horror de uma Itália ferida’
    ‘Dos tanques a esmagar, das aeronaves o terror vira pelo ar’
    ‘Do sul da França, as terras Suíças, a grande invasão cavalgara pela causa agredida’
    ‘Ao fanatismo Maometano, tanta fúria não será destemida por uma loucura despida. ’
    ‘Do desespero austríaco, a humilhação da Boêmia e Hungria, o Urso draconiano ceifará cada vida perdida’
    ‘Mouros, persas e babilônicos, ao caminho do encontro, sobre território franco, deixará Espanha sangrada’
    ‘Esta força aguerrida, de uma França britânica unida, lutaras pela sobrevivência honrada’
    ‘Aos heroicos belgas, junto de sua irmã Holanda, não irás sentir a dor da ocupação desumana’
    ‘Nos estágios finais, da ira americana virá o pó amarelo que causará feridas. ’
    ‘Alemanha, tu lutaras pelo ultimo suspiro agredido de uma Rússia ingrata.’
    ‘Em 6 meses de batalhas do ardor violentado, passaras e morrerás pela pilhagem saqueada’
    ‘A disputa de duas super potências nucleares, ao clímax máximo se conflagrará’.
    ‘De montanhas, a vales e a te mesmo cidades por calor do cogumelo estratosférico reluzente ao poder destruirá’
    ‘Os misseis terrestres do grande eslavo não resistirá, baseados em submarinos o mesmo contra-atacará’
    ‘No final tudo estará calcinado pelo fogo nuclear. ’
    ‘Dos escombros e da poeira, o céu escurecerá’
    ‘Em 3 dias de escuridão, a Europa, Oriente Médio e Norte da África, o horror se sobrepujará’
    ‘Na América do Norte e em outras regiões do hemisfério norte, a escuridão com menos intensidade e tempo atingirá’.
    ‘O hemisfério sul não sofrerá’
    ‘Cadáveres como nunca visto sobre a Terra dos homens recairá’
    ‘Para os poucos que sobreviverem a grande fome universal começará’
    ‘A dor e doença causará deformação do ser biológico, transgredindo alma’
    ‘8 meses em um silêncio de horror profundo como nunca vistos pelo homem passará e assustará’
    ‘A vingança dos castigados então iniciará’
    ‘O castigo americano partira contra as 5 nações da meia lua’
    ‘De uma Rússia humilhada, verá seu povo lutar contra seus lideres pelo poder cintilante da espada turtuga’.
    ‘Em 3 anos e meio de uma luta feroz, o mundo todo se transformará’
    ‘No final de tudo, uma nova era de paz universal começará a reinar’
    ‘Para todos que acreditam na pomba branca a voar. ’
                                              Elison Neves Sena

  19. Sure, you're right and Strong who was a scholar and a linguist in ancient languages as are others like him. And I should disregard it because you say so. People who don't care about facts aren't worth paying attention to. Never mind that these things are translated from the Septaguint and the Textus Receptus, but you know best. Yeah right? So what are you're qualifications, other than a paradigm based on prejudice–prejudice means to prejudge without facts which is illogical.

  20. lol I told you the jew name is fake added later, I don't care how many times you find it. substitute it for Judean. the book you have is not the bible, throw it in the garbage along with the strong's

  21. gentile means non-Israelite? gen-ti-li gen for generate & tile for from the land, the birth race. goyim-goy-ge-im and also means the birth race and that's what the Israelites are. there are so many different terms for Greek in the bible that you will not be able to see what they all are if your going by a false translation that uses the name gentile for everybody. your mistake is you don't have the bible you have mickey mouse book that shuffles names so of course your in the dark of who is who

  22. Gentile means nothing of the sort. In the Old Testament the Hebrew word is Goyim and it means "the other nations" (from Israel). In the New Testament, the Greek word ethnos is translated to Gentile and it again means non- Israelites or heathens. Sometimes the Greek word Hellen, is used, simply meaning non-Jew. I don't understand why people don't just check things out before they make statements. If you did not do so in a school or university exam, you would fail.

  23. No term such as Jew or Gentile? See Matthew 27:37; 28:1 & read what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman in John 4:22. "Jew" is mentioned 32 times. "Jews" is mentioned 243 times, and "Jews' " 15 times. In Romans 2:9-10 "Gentile" is mentioned twice & "Gentiles" 128 times. You should check your own facts! If you can't be bothered reading a Bible, get a Strong's Concordance which will give you every single Scripture where these nouns are. You are actually arguing from ignorance. Now there's irony.

  24. Pls can someone explain this chapter spiritual for me am going through some things in my life and as i praise God i opened this chapter and i think God is ministering something to me that i dont quiet understand pls help!


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