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  1. Many places are misidentified by end time preachers.  Meshach and Tubal are in TURKEY NOT Russia. Russia may band together with them but if you will research some old antique maps you will see that GOG AND MAGOG ARE GERMANY.  YOU WILL FIND THESE TWO NAMES ON A TIMECLOCK IN GERMANY WITH TWO MEN ON THE CLOCK. YOU CAN FIND IT ON THE INTERNET WITH A LITTLE RESEARCH. Christians are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. He is measuring OUR temple to see if we are for or against Yeshua/Jesus. I see both of these however could be true as the Bible is full of dual prophecies. One way is for Christians and one way is for the Jews left behind. As Jews see Bride of Christ taken up THEN they will believe and need no animal sacrifices.  See my YT video called "Who are the two witnesses and the two prophets? Rev. 11:1-15.     The ANTICHRIST IS A CHRISTIAN AND I GIVE YOU HIS NAME.  I SAW HIM IN A VISION OVER 36 YEARS AGO AND RECOGNIZE HIM TODAY. HE IS A GERMAN, (Gog and Magog) ASSYRIAN, BABLYLONIAN JESUIT PRIEST WHO HAS SUBDUED (SERVED UNDER) THREE KINGS IN THE VATICAN….THE LAST THREE POPES.  I HAVE A NEW BOOK WHICH I READ ONLINE FREE CALLED THE "G' ANTICHRIST. THIS IS AN 8 PART SERIES AND YOU MUST LISTEN IN ORDER TO GET THE FULL REVELATION.  SHALOM

  2. The Letter of Joseph, The King of Khazar Son of Aaron Turk to: Hasdai, The son of Isaac, son of Ezra.
    You ask in your letter:
    "Of what people, of what family , and of what tribe are you?"
    Know that we are descended from prophet Noah through his third and youngest son japheth and through his son togarmah" The Turk.

    The Israelis are traitors.

  3. הכרתי אותו ואת בניו באופן אישי. אני זוכר שבשנת 94 לערך הוא דיבר על שואה חדשה ח"ו שתבוא מצפון קוריאה כמו שכתוב, מצפון תפתח הרעה. ואז, אף אחד לא הבין על מה מדובר בכלל. אחרי פיצוץ הכור האטומי בסוריה ששם נהרגו טכנאים צ. קור-יאנים התחלנו להבין קצת. ולאחר החוצפה והעזות של חנות הפיצוחים הגרעיניים של הקוריאנים אז נפל לנו האסימון. היה איש קדוש מאוד דהשכינה אפפה אותו ממש וכל דבריו היו ברוח הקודש אמיתי ומדויק להדהים. יהי זכרו ברוך. זכותו תעמוד לנו.( אז אתם עוקבים אחרי כל הזמן,הה? כן, אתם שמתפלאים מאיפה אנחנו יודעים כ"כ מידע על הכל…)

  4. It's not a prophecy. Israelian fanatics want to start WW3 at any cost because it will somehow help them to get bring their imaginary satan to earth.

    This "prophecy" should be read as: at least in 1994 we planned to use NK to start WW3. We control NK regime and we are to blame for all it's crimes against NK population.

  5. I am not Jewish, I am Catholic, and I can tell you this Rabbi was a man of God. What he said is true. I am familiarized with TRUE PROPHECIE, not with delusions. He was the real DEAL… Better listen to him and his words.

  6. Remember his words, those who are lucky enough to see this message. For the end of days is about to come, to reap what the gods had sought in the earliest of days. Find Princess Possible before the Warlord of Magog finds her. He shall make his presence known in the midst of the "unforgettable war".

  7. i have no doubt that china is supporting its puppet government of North Korea in its efforts in this ……….if you were to study the history on how North Korea efforts of tunneling thru the DMZ and you look at North Korea efforts in devolving the A bomb one of the final part of the full fulfillment of this prophecy …………

  8. makhele howington how can you be sure that you dont follow only the teaching of church only but not jesus teachings as the bible says. SONGS: 5:16 his mouth is sweethness itself ; he is altogether lovely this is my lover , this is my friend , o daughter of jerusalem . see the quran mention in sura al araf chapter 7 verses 157: THOSE WHO FOLLOW THE MESSENGER , THE UNLETTERED PROPHET , WHOM THEY FIND MENTIONED IN THEIR (SCRIPTURE) IN THE TORAH AND THE GOSPEL")

    christians say this prophecy refers to jesus(pbuh) becouse jesus was like moses ,(pbuh) moses was a jew, and as well as jesus (pbuh) moses was prophet and jesus was prophet (pbuh)

    i can show you alot of clearification that quran , gospel, and torah come from same god as the prophets came from same family god chosed like irael are the decent of isaac,(pbuh) jocub(pbuh) ,moses(pbuh) ismail is the decent of abraham and arabs came from ismail so israel and arabs are brethren prophet muhammad is the decent of ismail becouse he was arab so quran revealed to muhammad and he was prophet and his prophecy is mentioned both in the torah and gospel
    that is why we need both quran and the gospel to be understood instead of misunderstanding
    you can search the truth as jesus saying and the thruch shall come to you

  9. All these wars were started by filthy Jews so of course some of them knew about it before it happen!

    Get out of Palestine and go back to whatever trash hole in Europe you came from!

  10. Seoul is Sth Korea – yes!
    People have a bad habit of trying to "Fit" prophecy of the future – with their knowledge of the present.
    Maybe in time to come Nth Korea will invade and defeat south Korea and re unify the 2 Korea's as one – under North Korean control?

    I am reminded of USA Prophetess Jean Dixon, who in the late 1950's predicted that by 2020 Red China will have become strong enough to show her teeth and destroy USA.

    That sounds all well and good – BUT at the time she prophesied this, China wasn't even red yet! Mao Tse Tung hadn't had the communist revolution in China yet and made it Red!

    So not only did she foresee it becoming communist, but she also foresaw its rise to world super power status and then its attack /invasion of USA!.

    At the time – (Despite her accurately forecasting the assassination of JFK in 1962) people dismissed her prophesying of the downfall of USA at the hands of China, they also dismissed her prognostication because it made no sense to the people of the time – China wasn't even "Red" (Communist).

    Same with this rabbi prophecy – Seoul at the MOMENT is South Korean, but WHO KNOWS what the future holds.

    I suspect Trump may have mis – calculated that he can sabre rattle Fat Kim in Nth Korea without consequence.

    Fat Kim China and Now Russia are all looking to back Nth Korea against the South and thus USA!

    This won't happen in a week – things will escalate from next week 13th May – until Sept 27th 2017 when all bets are off & the protagonists will slug it out.

    USA Congress this week enacted legislation to put further sanctions on Nth Korea, and authorizing the USA Navy to interdict and inspect all vessels servicing North Korea for contraband (weapons energy / fuel / food / medicines etc.

    The "problem" with this legislation is – Russia shares a border with North Korea. As also does China.


    A senior Russian senator says the American bill allowing the US
    Navy to enforce international sanctions on North Korea through the
    control of Russian ports is a violation of international law, and is
    equal to a declaration of war.
    realization of this [US] bill includes a proposed force scenario in
    which the US Navy would conduct compulsory inspections of all ships.
    Such a scenario is simply unthinkable because it means a declaration of
    war,” RIA Novosti quoted upper house Committee for International Relations head Konstantin Kosachev as saying.
    The comment came shortly after the US Congress approved the bill with
    additional sanctions against North Korea, allowing for the possible
    establishment of US control over seaports and sea routes in the Far
    East, including the Russian ports of Vanino, Nakhodka and Vladivostok.

    The senator emphasized that no one had given the United States official
    powers to enforce the UN Security Council resolution on North Korea, and
    said that Washington is trying to establish the primacy of US laws over
    international law.

    Russian lower house lawmakers also described the fresh US motion as a
    threat to global security, warning that Russia would be forced to
    undertake reciprocal measures if the bill passed into law.The deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Defense and Security,
    Frants Klintsevich, said that the possibility of external control over
    Russian sea ports was out of the question, but the mere fact that US
    lawmakers were discussing the proposal was definitely a hostile act.He added that it was extremely unlikely that the US motion would force North Korea to change its course.“What immediately draws attention is the list of nations where US congressmen want to have special control over sea ports,” he said. “These
    are Russia, China, Iran and Syria. The United States is again trying to
    expand its jurisdiction all over the globe. It is as if they were
    telling Russia, China, Iran and Syria that these nations are suspects in
    crime, which is nonsense, according to international law.”
    Another deputy head of the same committee, Andrey Krasov, said that
    the US bill will face an appropriate response from Russia, should it be
    passed."The US administration will receive a symmetrical
    adequate response to any unfriendly steps toward Russia and our allies.
    In any case, no US ship will enter our waters," Krasov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

    SO USA is guilty of over reach – trying to legislate to control Russian ports.

    Russia has also said it WILL sink ANY USA Naval shipping that enters the Black Sea or other Russian waters & tries to interdict / control shipping leaving or entering Russian Ports – whether its destined for North Korea or not!.

    China will likely do the same… China and Russia have already reached an agreement with each other – to thwart this USA act of war against North Korea and China and Russia.

    The stage is certainly set for War to break out in that area of Asia.

    The USA is miscalculating that "it can deal with North Korea on its own".

    Russia and China are both world super powers & Russia and China are BOTH allies of North Korea, itself nuclear capable!.

    Pakistan an India are Nuclear capable as is Israel – yet we don't read anything about USA deciding to deal with them before they decide to target USA with a nuclear strike?

    USA Vetos UN resolutions calling on Israel to denuclearize?.

    Yet the USA decides that North Korea can't possess similar capacity to protect itself?.

    Look at the fate of all the nations since the 9/11 false flag attack, that weren't nuclear capable!


    Any nation who's NOT nuclear capable gets wiped out by USA!

    Of Course North Korea is attempting to save itself by being nuclear capable!
    Both its allies Russia and China are nuclear capable!

    I will go on about why USA is sabre rattling North Korea, to draw both China's & Russia's attentions away from Syria – where the REAL game is about to play out, with Israel and USA set to both decapitate the Syrian regime & invade – to their own borders with North Korea!

    Its a fiscal and energy war – between USA & Israel – versus the BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Iran, Argentina) & their BRICS Bank under written by Russia.

    I suspect the USA may well over play its hand with North Korea.

    Israel won the Golan Heights off Syria in the 1967 – 6 day war. They have since discovered oil and gas reserves in the Golan. USA wants Israel to build a pipeline thru Syria to Europe to export oil & gas to Europe for 2 reasons.

    1. It would lessen Israels dependence on USA financial aid.
    2. It would drop the world oil price, which would be advantageous to USA in many ways.

    Russia currently has the monopoly on oil and gas supplies to Europe, thru its GAZPROM oil company via a pipeline thru Syria. This revenues allows it to underwrite the BRICS Bank.

    Iran has established a Oil Bourse (Energy stock exchange) where BRICS nations can trade energy (oil & Gas) without using Wall Street or the World reserve currency the $US Greenback.

    This is essentially sending USA broke. Brics nations don't have to hold $US reserve currency to buy or sell their energy needs. They can trade in Gold Roubles Yuan Dinar etc.

    BRICS nations don't have to buy worthless fiat currency $US Bank Bonds thus they are limiting the USA ability to continue to borrow!

    The USA simply HAS to collapse the BRICS bank under written by Russia or the USA will default on it's debts.

    Russia moved into Syria to prevent Israel/USA toppling Assad & building their much needed oil & Gas pipeline thru Syria to Europe – to collapse the world oil price below Russian Gazproms cost of production, and thus cut off Russia's source of oil revenues.
    By doing so the USA and Israel remove Russia's revenues they use to prop up the BRICS Bank.

    This is USA's fight for fiscal &thus world super power and world hegemony survival.

    BY sabre rattling North Korea on Russia and China's borders – USA generals are hoping to draw Russian and Chinese military assets into protecting their own borders, & aiding their Ally in N0rth Korea – so that they can't prevent the toppling of Assad & the building of Israels energy Pipeline to Europe.

    If they have over estimated/ mis – calculated and the Korean war breaks out – well expect the biblical prophesy of a Nuke on Damascus to also come true and USA & Israel go after their REAL fiscal imperative objective!.

    The USA believes it is capable of waging 2 simultaneous wars at the same time, North Korea and Syria. It will sacrifice South Korea in a heart beat to defeat BRICS Nations and destroy the Iranian Oil Bourse & BRICS bank – that is sending USA broke.

    I don't see any way this can end peacefully myself.

    But North Korea isn't the prize, there is no oil there to steal.

    North Korea is the distraction to win Syria on which Israels and USA's very fiscal survival depends.

    That's how I see it.

    OMMV (Others Mileage May Vary).

  11. And here we are today 2017 things are heating up with NK and USA are buddies right now with SK…and we all know that can change pretty quickly….wonder if someone else will post on here say in 6 months and go wow, it happened. Praying for all the people no matter who or where they come from as things are looking quite bad right now. ☹️

  12. Yep, crystal clear, Seoul will be nuked by North Korea if Seoul does not get 'Iron Dome', it is the only place that Lunatic KIM JONG Ung can accurately target with his crude missile technology before he gets destroyed, WE MUST ALL PRAY FOR SEOUL.

  13. very true prediction…. Jews have annoyed Almighty God….they were punished before and now again…. mentioned in hadees in Quran… every stone will bear witness for every Jew hidden behind them….to kill them……unless they repent to Almighty God


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