Revelation of the 70 Weeks of Years – Daniel 9: 1-27

Due to the fact that the whole background of the Catholic Church is prefigured by the whole background of Israel in the Old Testimony, after that the 4 realms from guide of Daniel (Babylonian, Persian, Greek as well as Roman) have Brand-new Testimony parallels. These New Testimony Church background parallels of the 4 realms from guide of Daniel are overviews of comprehending just how Daniel’s revelations are satisfied in cases of Catholic Church background. Right here is the gratification of the revelation of 70 weeks of years, from the 9th phase of Daniel.

MISTAKE ALERT! I slipped up in this video clip. April 3rd, 1969 is NOT A FRIDAY, yet is really a Thursday. This isn’t really deadly to the parallel, because the Jewish Passover could be thought about to begin the evening prior to.

April Third 33 ADVERTISEMENT Crucifixion Day:


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  1. It could be truth, but SSPX can not be seen as Maccabeans fighting against pagan Antioch.
    Maccabeans fought Antioch, they did not recognised him or his puppets as high priests.
    Church can not teach error, and that is, as I see, only criterion to looking for date when started abomination of desolation, i.e. who was first modern antipope to promulgate officially some error.
    God bless.

  2. Dom, The MOST concise video you have yet done! Very easy to understand and the only true interpretation that exists. I can't wait for the next one. However if it's after Wednesday, Aug 23rd, we may not all have long to wait for the final act. God Bless.

  3. Great work….I've been studying deep on the third secret of Fátima theories….its nice to find studies as yours! Thanks from Brazil….keep on….im waiting for the next video….


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